Saturday, November 26, 2011


YIPPPPPPEEEEE!   I can post pics again.  I have been a crafting fiend lately.  I just love how my latest project came out.  I made it for the 12 days of Christmas Swap for 2 turtle doves. That is a hard swap to come up with ideas to fit the themes.

I think I am getting my crafting mojo it is  (Il  still stink at taking pictures) K

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 133 - 154

Wow, three weeks have gone by since I last posted.  I need to get back into the habit of posting daily.  I apologize.  Well computer issue was a little more complicated that the card reader stopped working.  The motherboard went out.  So I am to get it back next week.  It will be nice to start posting projects again.

I ended up being sick for about three and a half weeks - so during that time I didn't get a whole lot of crafting done.  I would usually go in and do 5 minutes or so and then be done.  I did do each day though.  It was tough to convince myself to do it.  I did finish quite a few swaps in the last three weeks though.  I am still not happy with my dress forms - I don't think it was up to my par, but it is too late to do anything about that now.

I have learned through this process too much is a good thing and I am pretty swapped out.  I have few more swaps to finish, then I am going to take a break for a little while.  I will do a private swap I have already committed to though.  I think what I may switch to for a while is the challenges on the circle mb blog and on the regular board.

My initial goals I wanted to create more - check; use stash - yes and no (I have been buying more than I am using - but I am definitely using) - trying new techniques - not as much as I would like to.

I just hosted a scavenger hunt on the mb.  Everyone looked for techniques and tutorials on projects.   My goal will to be to start trying some of them that appeal to me.

I will try to get better at posting.