Sunday, October 7, 2012

Box lids

So I posted earlier that I made the body of my apothocary out of two boxes and put the lids aside for another project.  I couldn't believe how much the craft store was selling wood planks for for subway art and other signs - they were 7 something a piece. YIKES.  I wanted to make two.  The boxes were in my stash - I had bought them previously on sale for 5 a piece.  I allocated the lid costs to $2 each - not bad of a savings. 

So story behind what I did with them.  My original plan was subway art.  I was going to be crafty with an idea I saw on pinterest.  I painted them both cream. Then over the top I did some random color blocking in fall colors.  I put down sticker letters (where I went wrong is on Pinterest they did this to a canvas).  Painted over the top with belended fall colors. Let dry and went to remove the sticker letters and oh was it a mess.  they did not come off cleanly.  So I tried to pain over it and that didn't work.  So instead of throwing them away.  I used inka gold to cover the plank, then I covered the front with paper and went from there.  I actually do like how they turned in the long run it worked out.

fall wreath

This wreath has been a long time in the making.  I think I started this a month or two ago and just stuck it in the unloved box.  (It is a box I keep next to my desk with items I get stuck on or just don't quite love that I will get back to some day).  So I challenged myself to pull that sucker out of there this weekend and finished it up.  I think it looks so much better with the center and final details.

Witches Hat

I made a witches hat for a friend's daughter in a Alice in Wonderland theme....I may tweek it a little before sending it though....

Steampunk Pumpkin

I was in a bit of a crafting funk.  I had made two altered pumpkins that let's say didn't come out as planned.  I was kind of bummed.  I hate when things don't come out any where as awesome as you have it in your head. I saw this on  the Gentleman Crafter's website and was totally inspired to do my own.  His is completely awesome and you should go check his out.

Here is my version....

Apothocary update

Still have a ways to go...but here is a little of what is going will look totally different when it is done  My favorite dtail I think so far is the hand made trim pieces.   I took metal foil tape and embossed with a TH embossing folder.  Then I painted it black and then slightly whiped off some of the ink so some metal showed and there were color variances.