Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post 274

I received an amazing box from Kim on the CMB - OMG everyone - my pictures certainly do not do these items justice.  They are all so beautiful.  I absolutely just love everything.  Isn't that owl awesome - it is all awesome. :)

post 273

My IAM Roses order came today - woot.....  I will not be running out of flowers any time soon I hope. Yippee!!!!

post 272

I am starting on some altered canvases.  I am not usually a fan of fussy cutting but have done a lot for this canvas so far.  I used two paints for the base of the canvas a turquoise and then mixed in a bit of MS aquarium paint.  Then I layered on some G45 Topical travelogue papers.  I have a ways to go...I want it to be a bit more whimsical so I need to step back for a bit before I proceed.  Here is what I have so far. 

post 271

I wasn't pleased with how the tray turned out.  I liked it, but not loved it.  Live and learn I guess.  I decided to still send it because trays are awesome for crafting.  I love mine I got at the salvation army for $1.  I am always getting my fingers into the glossy accents or run out of room for things to dry on - so I put it on there and then tuck it away somewhere -- far away from me.  So I decided to put together a little steampunk box for my partner. Woot Woot. 

post 270

Here is the mystery project #5.   It was my first attempt at embroidery so no laughing at my stitching. :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

post 269

I finished another project. Yay! Project #5 for the All Home-made swap.  It was something new to me.  I had picked up a kit in the perfect colors that matched the theme for my partner on clearance.  It was like it was calling to me.  I have had it since partners were assigned.  It came out really cute - of course with me there is some imperfection - but I like it.  I think I want to maybe do a little presentation for it to make it a little more special. 

I am not going to show pictures on this one until after she receives the swap.  I want her to have at least one surprise.  I will post pics next week. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

post 268

So Woot Woot!  Happy Dance!  I finally finished this project.  Totally scraplifted from the G45 Blog.  I did make few changes.  I also need to do a little cleanup on the base of the posts - but this baby is done.

I do have to say I really like how it turned out.

Monday, March 5, 2012

post 267 update

Ok...today was in a funk day.  So I didn't accomplish a lot today. However project 4 that was 50% done is now 75% done and project 5 went from 80% to 95% done.  I just have the final touches and it is complete.  I have to let what I did today dry overnight. 

Have you ever seen a project on pinterest or a blog and said - oh I can do that?  I did.  I am doing it too.  May not be as perfect, but it is looking good.  However, it was not as simple as I thought it would be - it wasn't difficult either.  There were just a lot of steps to the project that I didn't think about at the time.  Would I do it all over again given the opportunity to go back - heck ya'.  Although it has it's own imperfections, I absolutely love it. (I have come to the realization I am just an imperfect crafter and that is okay with me because you can tell that I put time, effort, thought, and love into my projects - sometimes even blood, sweat, and tears - lol). 

Tomorrow I might even start project 6.  I probably will not get to my suitcase until Saturday.  My biggest fear in all of this is getting it all shipped without falling apart.  I may have to have our shipping department help me because I want to make sure that the glass block doesn't break and/or doesn't crush the other items.  I am excited to be almost done.  It has been a fun swap. 


Post 267

I am lying here awake at 2:30 in the morning.  I am not sure I want to get up and start the day quite so early, but I am not sure I am tired enough to go back to sleep.  I have some appointments this morning then I am free to work on a few things today.  I want to take advantage of the time, because it is back to work tomorrow.  So, I have three projects done for Round 6 and two in progress.  One is about 50% done and the other is 80% done.  I decided to do one more project because although I am sending the tray I would feel better sending that as an extra rather than an item on its own.  Then it will be time to work on our private swap - the suitcase.

I have said this before, but this time I think I am at a point where I am actually going to do it....I am going to slow way down.  I am in 3 swaps on the CMB, 3 on another board, 1on Facebook, and then a private swap.  I think I will stick to the private swap and the one on Facebook.  I would like to get back to making items for myself and actually work on some scrapbooking.  All the ones I am in should be done by March but 2 then the other 2 in April.  I'll miss the new connections, but will still keep in contact with the ones I have already made.

I have bought so many alterables and I have so much stash.  I want to create with what I have and have fun doing it.  I have seen so many projects I want to try.  I cannot wait for the next step in my creative journey.

Wow - I heard a noise and went downstairs Josh had some friends stop by and they were watching the Walking Dead.  They had just gotten off of work - crazy to me.  Why not wait until tomorrow.  I guess it is tomorrow.  I ended up watching the premier of the Army Wives that I taped.  Now I think I am ready for some sleep. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

post 266

Easter Eggs - woot; I started this yesterday.  I am not convinced I like this or that it is completely done.  I am switching back to the Round 6 swap as my project is dry and ready for the next step.  I took the ugly easter egg tins from M's and coated it in purple glitter, modge podged so glitter didn't escape and then embellished.  What a mouth full.  I might do something else - just not sure yet.  It opens up and I will put her favorite treat inside.  After seeing in picture form I am really sure I am not happy with it yet.  I will revisit this one later.  Off to create some happy things.

post 265

Spring swap - I made some simple book marks.  I love the rosette ones.  I kept it simple and will include these as extras. 

post 264

Glass, coffee, fabric, lights - good smells.  All hints I gave my partner...what could it be?

post 263

Real quick post....I will be back with pictures.  I worked on a project for Kim and the project smells fabulous.  Yes I said smell.  I am used to get ink, glue, glitter and such on my hands but nothing that smells absolutely awesome.  Yay.  I am a little short on a component so I need to run out and get a little more...it is worth it.  I really like this. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Insert sad face here.  Oh man. I wish I had modge podged the tray first then added the resin.  It discolored parts of the paper - not too bad though.  I will make up my mind one it has had a chance to sit a while and cure.  I hope the discoloration goes away.

post 261

This project is in progress.  I painted the tray with two coats of cool blue regular paint. Then I did two coats of MS Aquarium pearl paint.  It gives the tray a shimmery finish.  I used paper from G45 Tropical Travelogue and Under the Boardwalk (?)  paper packs.  I inked the edges and then glued down with yes paste.  I think I am going to keep it fairly simple for design as I am a little apprehensive on the next step.  After I let everything settle I am going apply liquid resin.  I hope it turns out nice.  Then I am thinking of adding some type of sealer to the rest of the tray.  So here is a sneak peek .....

post 260

Looks like I have a whole week of posts to catch up.  I have had a rough week, but today will be productive.  I am working on two items that are drying before I work on the next step,  so I decided that I would make something for the Easter/Spring Swap.

I had seen some butterfly embellishments and thought they were really cute.  I wanted to make some using what I had in my stash so I checked out YouTube. I love YouTube it is an awesome resource.  I found a tutorial I liked, but I made a few changes.  In the tutorial she had used some large mesh rosette trim that was already colored.  I had found in my stash some shabby chic white trim from Tim Holtz - yay!  (My trim is much smaller than what she used - but it worked).  I glimmer misted them and let dry. Then I assembled like she had in the tutorial onto the circle.  On the trim, for the antennae, I used much less than she showed.  I started mid body and went up leaving enough for the antennae, whereas she had gone the full length of the body and had some as a tail.  The other change I made was that she used I AmRoses for the length of the body.  Although they are beautiful, I just didn't have any in my stash.  What I had that was small enough was the ribbon rosettes that you can buy at Joann's or Walmart for .97 for 40.  I cut off the green ribbon leaves and placed a dollop of glue to keep them held together.  Then I just placed three of them along the length of the body. 

I decided to package them into a tin.  For smaller items I am really liking the thought of using presentations. So they don't get lost in the box or just looking lonely in a baggie.  I had a tin I found for cheap at the Salvation Army - it was grimy but not scratched. So I cleaned the sucker up and and used some spring/easter colored paper and lined bottom of the tin, the inside top, and then the top of the tin.  I added some pink bling and some flowers.  I did not have any pink flowers so I used a couple of white ones and then just inked the edges in pink to tie them in.

I'll be back with some more projects today hopefully.