Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 9 & 10

Looks like I skipped a posting...my apologies.  I was a cleaning woman.  The craft room is clean. YAY.  I took the overflow of the alterables and moved them all into the linen closet.  We had only a few extra towels and the extra bedding in there.  SO I move those to their new homes and filled that sucker up.  It makes such a difference.

I made a few rak items but forgot to take pictures before I sent.  What was I thinking.  I have most of the projects posted such as the bird cage, but I made a G45 Ladies' diary box that I would have loved to show as well as an altered purse.

I have a tendency to forget the things I have so it is nice to have most of it in a central location.

I did make some tags cards and bags for a swap on the mb.  I had seen this stuff in several youtube videos used in different ways and knew I had to get some.  It is called punchinella - it is the left over stuff after they punch confetti.  You can use it as an embossing template, as a template for sprays, you can use it as an embellie...all kinds of things.  Here I inked it gold and used it in my vintage set.  The batch I bought was metallic brown but you can select from a variety of colors.