Wednesday, September 28, 2011

106 Tuesday

I worked on the _________ _________ again for Sis.  I managed to get it put together.  It looks pretty good.  It has some flaws, but it is supposed to for a ______________ ____________.  Now it just needs to be HEAVILY embelished.  I will do that tomorrow.  I really like how it looks so far though.  Wow, more time than I planned on for one project, but I think it will be well worth it.

Question of the Day:

   Have you ever started a project thinking  it would take you x amount of time and it took you much longer?  Was it worth the extra time?

For me the answer is yes on both accounts.  What is your answer?

day 105 Monday

I started working on a _________ _______ for my partner for the Shoebox swap.  Wow - to think I would have that completed in one night - who was I kidding.  Everything is cut though, shaped, inked.

That is enough for one night.  I am pooped. K

Sunday, September 25, 2011

day 104 Sunday

Let's see I finished all three altered match boxes, the flowers, the stick pins, and the chunky charms today.  It was good to feel productive.  I didn't accomplish all I wanted to,  but I have to stay on track.

Goals for this week:

Finish Shoebox swap by Thursday night
Redo the cornucopia paperclips (so not loving how they turned out) Tomorrow
Vintage box with homemade items - already made a few of the homemade items.  Need to finish. by saturday morning - want to have done by Friday (less trips to post office)

Mail out 2 match boxes  -  I already gave Shana hers.  It came out pretty cool.  I have to get some pics out.  We decided to do coffins instead for the Halloween match box.  I had fun with it.

Mail out paperclips

Mail out shoe box swap

Mail out vintage box.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 103 Saturday

Got up early and worked, went to water aerobics, went to post office, came back made lunch, cleaned craft room, skyped with Cindy and FINISHED the paper clip swap.  Oh if I ever sign up for that one again, someone please spank my hand.  Please don't get me wrong it is a good swap with an excellent hostess ....but I have a tendency to sign up for all groups in a swap.  I just did 5 groups of 10, 2 groups of 12, and 1 group of 12 clothespins.  I think if I ever see another paperclip for a while ( at least until I get them back) I will go nuts. :)

Off to work on match boxes. 

Have a great night.

day 102 Friday

Took a break from actual swaps today and played.  I played with distressing techniques for ideas that I have for some swaps.  Played with inks and a distress tool.  Wadded up paper and inked over the creases.  I just had fun with it.  I think I needed that break to be creative!  Sometimes we have to break out of the mondane....a project we have been working on for a get a fresh perspective.  It was just what I needed. Went to bed early.


day 101 Thursday

Worked on swaps....feeling very non creative today.  Not doing much tonight. :(

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DAY 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday

Today is a great day for several reasons:

A.  I received the most beautiful dress form banner from Kathy (Heaven).  She did such beautiful work - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  My card reader on the computer isn't working- I need to find the cable so I can post pics.  I am going to have to work really hard on hers to make hers just as beautiful.

B.  I received a wonderful batch of dominoes from the Domino swap on the Cricut MB.

C. I got to scrap/skype with Cindy. Awesome - she was making an awesome _________ for her swap partner.  BEAUTIFUL.

D.  Today is day 100 on my crafting challenge - I can really see a difference in my creativity, crafting ability, and desire to be creative from when I started this challenge to myself.  I kept putting it off, I am glad I stopped only if I could stick to a diet as well.

Finished up projects for one swap and getting boxed up to mail tomorrow - to the UK.  Awesome. 

I didn't get as far as I wanted to in my here is what I have done and here is what I need to finish:

1.  Some homemade items for shoebox swap - did some, have some in project, need to start others.  All the purchased items are bought.

2.  Match boxes - match boxes and coffin are painted - need to cover, make stickpins, chunky charms, and  flowers.

3.  Make 5 junk journals.  I need to get at least 2 done possibly 3 and I can wait on the other 2.

4.  Finish 3 sets of altered paperclips - one is started.

99 Tuesday

Mini again - sensing a theme here.  I am trying to get caught up with swaps, study, work extra from home.  I need to get caught up on everything before I start school again.  I was also watching YouTube for some inspiration.  I have made 3 mini's pretty much the same for this swap and the fourth mini will be different.  I hope she will like it.  I cannot give too much away - I don't want to spoil the surprise.


Day 98 Monday

Ok...Monday Monday I wish it were a Sunday!

I did a bit of work on mini's.  Looking forward to new shows.

Brief post - sorry.


97 Sunday

I worked on one mini and I went a got a few things with coupons today and some other things on sale for the swaps.  The problem with being in so many swaps is that it adds up.  I love the swaps so I have done the following things to help keep the $$$$'s lower. 

1.  Use from stash first.
2.  If need to buy
       a. Check for sales
       b. Check locally to see if I can buy with 40% coupon at Michaels
       c. Check for the best deals online and on Ebay

The rest of the day I spent with Josh!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

96 Saturday

Today I split my time between hanging out with Josh and crafting.  We had french toast this morning...yum.  I am usually working on the weekends, so he was excited to have me home and be able just to hang out.  I was also super crafty today....I tried to post pics but the card reader isn't working right now. I will have to look for the cable tomorrow if I cannot get it to work.  So I didn't work on mini's today.  However, I did get 4 of the 7 altered paper clips sets done (10 each) and the 12 altered clothes pins done.  I do have three paper clip groups to finish, but I do have one started.  I just started making stupid ink smears and decided to give it up for the night.  Tomorrow is a new day.

I don't think I am going to make it through my entire wish list of getting things done this weekend Howver I am making a huge dent in it. We will see what tomorrow holds.

95 Friday

Finished up stuff for auditors...unless they need something else.  Went home early.  Josh and I hung out for a bit then, up to the craftroom I went.  I finished off the fairy album, 90% completed a pet album.  Just need to decorate the front cover a bit more and embellish the album itself a little bit more as well.  I made the accordian portion for the other two albums.  I am pleased with the progress, I just want to get them done, so I can send.  I hope my partner likes them.  I will post pictures after she receives. I also painted 4 match boxes and my 2 coffins.

What made the time crafting more enjoyable was talking with Cindy and Pam (conf call) while they skyped.  It made it even more fun.

93 thursday

Auditors all day....bummer I am exhausted.  I pulled ribbon out of my ribbon box.  it was atangled mess I started putting them in groups and there on the floor it sits.  I made a couple of graphic 45 bottlecaps. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

92 Wednesday

So sad...I thought the auditors would finish early...they are coming back tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be crazy busy.  On the craft front I did some repair work to a journal I received in a swap that was damaged in shipping.  Nothing a little trimming, inking, and gluing didn't fix.

So here is my wishlist of things to complete this weekend....I know - good luck is in order.

At least get done
Finish the four mini's I have started
3 match boxes, 1 coffin, 4 chunky charms, 12 stick pins, 8 flowers
A billion (ok not quite a billion - but it seems like it right now) altered paper clips
Complete the STSB items for the swap
Start on vintage fall box
Make a homemade item for SS

So my deal is I want to get as much done, but do quality work.  I do not want my partners to ever feel they got cheated or thought one of my projects was rushed.  I never want to send something out that I wouldn't be willing to received.

I can do this....what are your plans......


Day 91 Tuesday

Oh so two down.  When will it ever end.  I made another stick pin.  They are fast and easy and I need sleep.  Sorry to dissappoint.  I look like a zombie right now. Good night.

Day 90 Monday

Day 1 Audit....exhausted....went to work at 4 am and worked late.  Took a bit of a break then pulled an all nighter.  i had to spend time on the MB first and then I made a stick pin.  Sorry...I told you the next couple of days posts would be absolutely lame.

Day89 Sunday

Let me apologize now....the next  couple of days posts will be pretty lame.  I am in the middle of audits this that means very little crafty time.  Had to work the most of today, but I fiddled around with a couple of minis....please stick with me until next weekend.  I'll have the weekend off to craft my little heart out (hopefully).  K

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 88 Saturday

Oh the day is a total was packed full.

Got up at 5 am (was up until 1 the night before).  I decided I didn't care for the dress forms I made for the chunky charm swap.  They weren't bad, I just did not like them very much.  I wasn't feeling the pink and pale green.  So I decided to redo them all - and they had to be mailed that morning.  Loved this version so much more.  So glad I redid them.  I mailed out three swaps. Woot Woot.  Worked on a mini.  I also made my cupcake bra. 

Went to get ready for the wedding and the blue hairspray didn't show up on my dark hair. Went to three different stores to find a wig.  Found one.  Then went to wedding it was a lot of fun.  Took lots of pictures.  By the time I was done. .... I was pooped.  Then I spent a few hours chatting with a crafty friend and making posts.

Have to work on Sunday.  Not wanting to.  :( 

Catch up with you all later. K

Day 87 Friday

I chatted with a "new" friend tonight over skype and by phone.  I love crafting with people.  I worked on a mini that I was doing.  Then I went to a late movie with a friend.  Constantly going.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 86 Thursday

So I went to work today and worked most of the day....but I was exhausted half way through the day. I left a little early and took a rest.  I am hoping tomorrow that I will be raring to go.  I think I will go in around 5 to catch up on some work.  I know what I will be doing Sunday.

Tonight I worked on the mini I started yesterday...almost done.  Need to just embelish it a bit more and work on the outside.  I am doing a series of mini's in the same style, but different themes.  I think they will come out pretty cool.  It is a big change for me because these are small in size compared to my MONSTER not-so-mini mini albums come out as.  I need to mail some swaps tomorrow.  Postage is killing me.  I really need to slow down on the swaps, but they are addicting.


Day 85 Wednesday

Still sick....Worked half a day and went home.  I was super crabby today.  I rested for a while then I started on a mini album for one of my swap buddies.  I did some work on some dress forms and added another charm to some chunky charms I made.  In alll my haziness I did another blunder.  THAT FAN GETS THE BEST OF ME SOMETIMES.  So not feeling well is my excuse.  I had the fan on full blast - so hot.  I was working with glitter.....even two showers later I still glimmer. 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 84 Tuesday

Oh my goodness.....Under other circumstances today would have been a perfect day to craft all day.  Too bad I was sick.  Grrrrr.  I ended working from home (in bed)  this morning.  I then proceed to sleep the rest of the day away.  I cheated on dinner tonight - I ordered Domino's Pizza - I just didn't feel like making a mess tonight.  After almost 3 months of continous crafting, I wasn't going to let being sick get in my way of making my goal.  So I drug myself into the craft room.  Armed with zero mojo and a killer headache, I managed to make a small altered journal. 

I must of been completely out of it today though, I didn't even hear the mailman come to the door with a package.  I found it at the door this evening, when I went to get the mail.  I was so excited to find a package from FamilyScrapper (Susan) from the Cricut MB with a Fall Theme.  It was filled with Awesome Goodness: 

Homemade Items:
1. Altered Journal
2. Altered Frame
3. Stickpins
4. Note Cards
5. Flowers

Purchased Items
1.  Three spools of Ribbon
2.  Cuttlebug Folders - match the Happy Hauntings Cartridge
3.  Script Stamp
4.  Viva Decor Pen and Orange Stickles
5.  Metal Book Plates and Embellies


Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 83 Monday

I needed to split my time between working, Josh, and completing swaps despite not feeling well. What I really wanted to do was spend the day in bed. When Josh wants to hang out, I will drop everything if possible.  So we watched Limitless today.  So for those who have never seen it, the premise is that average person uses around 20% of their brain function. The main character takes a pill that allows him to use 100% of his braiin function.  What he is able to do is amazing.  Can you imagine the projects you could come up with if you had that ability.

I did manage to some crafty things today.  I am posting pictures of  a few things that I accomplished this weekend.  I don't really want to post some of the swap ones yet, because I think those partners look at my blog:)  I have just one more project to finish for the Fall swap. If I decide to finish the mini, I will need to do some more work on it.   I need to get some sleep tonight, I really don't feel well now.  

Have a good night.  Kel

Day 82 Continued - Sunday

Wow it's late (I know it is really Monday....but since I have not been to bed yet I am still counting this post as Sunday). 

Oh my goodness went shopping today for the costume to wear to the wedding.  I have some serious putting together in the next week to do.  I am going as Katy Perry...cupcake bra and all.  That will be a sight to see.  I am changing up the outfit a bit ( just so I am covered)  I will have the blue hair though.  I will wear a light colored shirt under the bra and crop style jeans instead of daisy dukes.    I think everyone will thank me for that one. 

So today was crafty. In addition to the costume.  I decided to skip working on the mini today and I made an altered box.  I just need to add something to the top and then I will post pictues.  I created compartments on the inside with covered chipboard to hold a sew easy and the heads.  I am tired of them getting all over the place in my drawer.  Back to swap items tomorrow.

Have a good night

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Josh picked the winner for me - random between all those posted.  Winner is Amy (AmyMLT) from the message board.  Congratulations.


Day 82

I will probably do 2 posts for today...I forgot something I wanted to share.  Friday when I came home from work....there was an awesome package waiting for me from Sharon from the cricut mb.  She was my SS fromt he all homemade swap - color combo.  The package was amazing and she did amazing work.  I couldn't believe all the wonderful things she made for me.  It was truly wonderful and special.  THANK YOU AGAIN SHARON.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  I will be able to use everything.  The TP album...perfect, the flowers, stickpins, charm, note pads all wondeful.  Brownies and the pail....AWESOME (the brownies did not last long :) )   Woot Woot there was also a butterfinger bar wrapped super wonderful.  I think I am going to have to borrow that idea for another swap.   I really loved what she did with the pail for the brownies as well.

Here are some pics

Day 81 Saturday

I got up early before everyone else.  I went on the mb and cought up with a bunch of posts and studied some MQ's of partners.  I started working on the mini again...still not loving it.  Then when everyone got up we made pancakes...yum.  Shanna brought over fresh blackberry compote for the  pancakes - DELICIOUS!!!!  Then we went shopping - using those holiday coupons.  By the time we got back we were so tired and hungry we took a break for lunch.  I was pooped and lost mojo.  Then I checked my mail.....YIPPEE SKIPPY.  My friend Cindy sent me a package of good stuff as a belated birthday present.  It was was just what I needed to regain my mojo.  She sent me a wonderful card, an amazing envelope min album, great flowers, a really fun magnet, it was just all wonderful and in my favorite color....ORANGE.  THANK YOU CINDY....YOU ARE AWESOME.  Thank you also for being my friend.

The afternoon was much more productive.  Shanna finished an entire swap - WOOT WOOT.  I decided to put the mini aside again after I was just not feeling it and made another banner.  I am really liking those.  I would really like one of those for myself.  Once I get through some of these swaps....I am going to have to do some projects for myself and for family.

I have decided a few things after reflecting:

A.  I am a swap junkie.....I love the thrill of deadline and pressure and the what seems impossible is what I really thrive on.  I am in over 27 swaps...multiple groups and comes out to like 47 actual swaps.  Crazy I tell you...but I love it.  I feel like I do my best work like this.

B.  That being said, I have decided I do need to tone back some of my signing up.  I do not need to sign up for everything.  So I thought about what I really liked about the swaps and made a list of priorities.

a.  Preference will be given to homemade item swaps versus all purchased.
b.  Is it something I really want in return or to do.
c.  If I am doing an all purchased swap  or a half made-half bought...what is the spending limits?
d.  Do maybe only one or two purchased swaps at a time.
e.  I need to slow down a little so I can enjoy the process more.  I really love the homemade gifts more than the purchased.  My reasoning is I can go into the store or purchase on line something I really want.  I cannot go and purchase something that someone to took the time,effort, care, and love into something that was made especially for me and my tastes.  That to me is more of  why I do these swaps in the first place and it why I like to do this for other people.

I did some planning for the next swap I am working on and decided after all the time and effort put into the mini - to give it a second chance before throwing it into the heap.  I will try to embelish it more tomorrow to give it some life.  Hopefully by Monday I will have some pictures to put up.  I spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the craft room.  I don't know what it is...I start every project (swap) with a cleaned up area.  Everything is all organized, but by the end....I cannot even move.....I am surrounded by snips of this and that all over the floor with buckets, bins, trash, work are has been crowded in where I have a teeny tiny place to work and half of everything I need is burried.  Then it takes for ever to clean everything up to prepare for the next one.  It is like I get consumed in the project and don't realize the total mess I am making in the process.  Anyone else like this?  Are you a messy scrapper or do you keep things tidy along the way?  Do you clean up after every project...or do you work in a constant state of chaos? 

Well I am all cought up for now.  Before I post for today...Sunday....I have a busy day ahead.  I started this morning at 5:am.  I worked for two hours, showered, met a friend for coffee, came back, worked for another little bit, cought up on some posts for the board that I didn't get to at 1 in the morning this morning.   Now I need to go and getty ready to find my costume for the wedding I am in next week.  Yes, I said costume.  I had a black dress for the wedding, but now everyone needs to dress up as Rock in Roll character and the theme of the wedding is Rock and Roll glam.  I know that Josh (my son) wants to either go as Gene Simmons in the whole Kiss theme or as Slash.  For me....being um dimensionally challenged (short and wide) my choices might be somewhat limited. Thank goodness it is Halloween time and my ability to find something might be a little easier.  My mom is going to go shopping with Josh and I.  It should be a fun afternoon.  Looking forward to it.   I will post more tonight (Sunday....Kel)

Day 80 Friday

Today was a much better day.  The work didn't go away, but things seemed much better.  We also a had a pizza party today and let employees go home that was nice.  I brought a big bag of work home for the weekend....but tonight is my night.

I went to the craft store and purchased a few things with a coupon for swaps.  It was really fun I enjoyed myself because the store wasn't real busy and I could just take my time and really just look at everything. 

I skyped with Cindy...I always look forward to our time to do that.  Sometimes we don't talk much because we are so engrossed in our projects, but still have fun doing that.  I had a special surprise too from my friend Shanna.  Her and her family came over and spent the night.  The boys hung out and she and I crafted until late.  Emily cracked us up as usual.  I put the mini aside and worked on a few other things - stick pins, tags, altered journal, then worked a little a on the mini.  I wasn't really loving how it worked out so far. 

Tomorrow is another day.  It was definitely time for bed. K

Day 79 Thursday

I said yesterday was a day from even worse.  All of 2011 on one of our accounting programs (thank you for not being the main one) was over ridden with a prior year (including on the back up).  We have to recreate all 8 months of work before we can close the month.  Did I mention I had an audit coming up on the 12th.  And this was the smallest thing that happened today.  I had to just breathe and say mistakes happen or else I think I would have exploded or cried.  So I have ten times the work to get ready for this audit...craziness.  In addition, I have the wedding next week so next weekend is going to be a little busy so I have a lot to get done in the next week.

On the crafting front.....
So, back to the drawing board....I was really worried because working from your stash - sometimes you just have just the right amount of supplies with out any thing to spare.  I am not about to give a mini album or any project that I think is sub-standard.  I may not always be the best at something.  However, when I give something out it always needs to be something that I am at least proud of that I did my best.  This was not my best.  I was debating about recovering the whole album with a different paper line.  I decided to go through my stash first to see if I could find a paper from a different line that could coordinate with the one that I already used so I would only have to redo that one two page layout.  Guess what I found????????  I had purchased a couple sheets in that same paper line because I did like the one page because it had owls.   WOOT WOOT....same paperline and then I had enough to do picture mats with the other side of the paper.  I felt like I had a mini victory.  I needed a win..


Day 78 Wednesday

Ok...this day was the day from heck - it is month end so work was really busy and I am really tired.  I did craft.  I worked on the mini a little and realized I made a boo boo in covering one of the letters.  I was coordinating the paper so when you opened it up both sides had matching paper so it was like a two page layout.  I papered the wrong side of a letter and I didn't have any more of that paper. I figured I was done for the night, then I laid a page on an open ink pad and had a huge blotch.  I never make these mistakes.  I figured it was time to go to bed. 


Day 77 Tuesday

I am going keep some of these next posts somewhat brief as I am trying to make up for not posting this week - Where did this week go?

I started a mini album.  I haven't done a word album in ages.  I purchased nothig for this project....all from the STASH.  It is a good feeling to use things you already have.  It isn't junk stuff, it was good paper, everthing is of quality, and so I can feel really good about giving it.  My challenge on this so far is I used to be really good at word albums when they were all the rage - I did a lot of them.  I am out of practice, and I actually struggled with this one a bit.  So I decided to put down the craft knife and come back to in the morning.  Has anyone else been good at something, then only to come back to it after not doing it for a while and feel like there is a whole new learning curve?

Have a great day,