Sunday, September 25, 2011

day 104 Sunday

Let's see I finished all three altered match boxes, the flowers, the stick pins, and the chunky charms today.  It was good to feel productive.  I didn't accomplish all I wanted to,  but I have to stay on track.

Goals for this week:

Finish Shoebox swap by Thursday night
Redo the cornucopia paperclips (so not loving how they turned out) Tomorrow
Vintage box with homemade items - already made a few of the homemade items.  Need to finish. by saturday morning - want to have done by Friday (less trips to post office)

Mail out 2 match boxes  -  I already gave Shana hers.  It came out pretty cool.  I have to get some pics out.  We decided to do coffins instead for the Halloween match box.  I had fun with it.

Mail out paperclips

Mail out shoe box swap

Mail out vintage box.

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