Sunday, September 18, 2011

95 Friday

Finished up stuff for auditors...unless they need something else.  Went home early.  Josh and I hung out for a bit then, up to the craftroom I went.  I finished off the fairy album, 90% completed a pet album.  Just need to decorate the front cover a bit more and embellish the album itself a little bit more as well.  I made the accordian portion for the other two albums.  I am pleased with the progress, I just want to get them done, so I can send.  I hope my partner likes them.  I will post pictures after she receives. I also painted 4 match boxes and my 2 coffins.

What made the time crafting more enjoyable was talking with Cindy and Pam (conf call) while they skyped.  It made it even more fun.

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