Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 77 Tuesday

I am going keep some of these next posts somewhat brief as I am trying to make up for not posting this week - Where did this week go?

I started a mini album.  I haven't done a word album in ages.  I purchased nothig for this project....all from the STASH.  It is a good feeling to use things you already have.  It isn't junk stuff, it was good paper, everthing is of quality, and so I can feel really good about giving it.  My challenge on this so far is I used to be really good at word albums when they were all the rage - I did a lot of them.  I am out of practice, and I actually struggled with this one a bit.  So I decided to put down the craft knife and come back to in the morning.  Has anyone else been good at something, then only to come back to it after not doing it for a while and feel like there is a whole new learning curve?

Have a great day,


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