Wednesday, September 14, 2011

92 Wednesday

So sad...I thought the auditors would finish early...they are coming back tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be crazy busy.  On the craft front I did some repair work to a journal I received in a swap that was damaged in shipping.  Nothing a little trimming, inking, and gluing didn't fix.

So here is my wishlist of things to complete this weekend....I know - good luck is in order.

At least get done
Finish the four mini's I have started
3 match boxes, 1 coffin, 4 chunky charms, 12 stick pins, 8 flowers
A billion (ok not quite a billion - but it seems like it right now) altered paper clips
Complete the STSB items for the swap
Start on vintage fall box
Make a homemade item for SS

So my deal is I want to get as much done, but do quality work.  I do not want my partners to ever feel they got cheated or thought one of my projects was rushed.  I never want to send something out that I wouldn't be willing to received.

I can do this....what are your plans......


1 comment:

  1. You can do this!!! One project at a time!

    I think it is time for "Using Your Stash...Round Two!