Wednesday, April 25, 2012

day 289 - 315

Ok computer really died this time. I have been having to use my work laptop, but cannot post pictures from it.  I finally ordered a new one and it should be here on May 8th.  I will finally be able to start posting some things I have made along the way again.  Still trying new things.

Friday, April 6, 2012

post 282

I am sooooo in love with trays right now.  I had found a large tray at the Salvation Army - super cheap that I use all the time.  My Ranger non-stick mat fits right in it.  The nice thing is I can paint, do what ever that is messy, then move the tray to let dry.  Then I am not touching everything and getting it all goopy...which is what I usually do.  I found this little tray...that was pink.  Nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix.  I love how it turned out.  The perfect project to finish off my desk/workstation set.  I can see this working great for all kinds of uses.  I will be making a chunky charm this weekend.  I think it will be great to hold the beads I am going to work on so they don't roll off the desk and onto the floor.  (Always happens - lol) :)

post 281

Caddy #3

One of my favorite things ever.  This caddy was only a $1 on sale.  It was in rough shape, but it was solid wood and it was great structurally.  Although it was all stained, it had beauty.  When I originally bought it over a month ago I scrubbed it completely and primed it with gesso until the stains stopped bleeding through.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it as far as either covering it with paper or doing a paint treatment.  However, when I saw the G45 collection The Olde Curiosity Shoppe, I knew what I wanted to do. 

post 280

Caddy #2

This thing was hideous....and let me say it again but with emphasis....HIDEOUS!  I kind of second guessed myself about buying it.  It was that slick outer finish in bright yellow with duckies.  The shape of it was cutesy.  I still bought it - CRAZY.  Spray painting that sucker was a nightmare - I should have bought the spray paint that adheres to plastic. However, when all is said and done, I LOVE how it came out. No longer looks cutesy and fits the the theme well.  I kept the design of all the pieces for the desk set simple since they will have tons of use and didn't want things falling off or getting to mucked up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

post 279

I still have two caddies and a small tray I am working on.  I am debating on whether or not to alter my large oversized tray to match.  It is my go to use all the time tray.  So I will wait and see until I finish these items.  I need to get back to my swap and angel items.  This has been a fun though.

Post 278

Caddy #1

I found this caddy at the Salvation Army on sale for .49.  It was in rough shape look wise but structurally it was ok.  This caddy is smaller than the other two and will be used to hold supplies I need for a project (ie glimmer mists, embellies, etc. ) for quick access.

post 277

Altered clothes pin.  I received the clothes pin in a box from a friend. With a dash of spray paint and some scraps left over from one of the caddies, I was able to coordinate it with the rest of the organizational items I was making.

post 276

I have been swapping since May/June of last year and I stopped making things for myself.  Bummer.  I love swapping but sometimes I just miss creating to create.  I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had for anything though.  So  I am a super messy crafter and desperately need organization.  So I decided to make my self some things to help me get organized. 

First up is a box. I am usually working on several things at once.  Usually stuff gets buried, crinkled, inked  or something in the process.  The box is to keep the in process projects until I am ready to work on them again.  It keeps them safe from my crafting mayhem. :)  I modge podged it to keep it protected.  I kept the embelishments minimal because of heavy use of the box.  However, I just had to add feet.  I really like this box.

post 275

Homemade flower swap.  We needed to make 5 sets of 5 flowers.  I made 1" red flowers.  For the presentation I decorated little matchboxes with Butterfly Garden paper and some ribbon.  I wanted to keep it simple because it all had to fit in the packaging to get back to the partners.