Wednesday, April 4, 2012

post 276

I have been swapping since May/June of last year and I stopped making things for myself.  Bummer.  I love swapping but sometimes I just miss creating to create.  I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had for anything though.  So  I am a super messy crafter and desperately need organization.  So I decided to make my self some things to help me get organized. 

First up is a box. I am usually working on several things at once.  Usually stuff gets buried, crinkled, inked  or something in the process.  The box is to keep the in process projects until I am ready to work on them again.  It keeps them safe from my crafting mayhem. :)  I modge podged it to keep it protected.  I kept the embelishments minimal because of heavy use of the box.  However, I just had to add feet.  I really like this box.