Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 14

Wow...I cannot believe I stuck to my challenge for two weeks straight.  I am making the albums for the swap...probably will for the next week or two.  Once those are finished I have a tag swap, ss swap, and a matchbook swap due in August.  I am excited about the matchbook swap.  I have never done that type of thing before.  Until tomorrow - Kel

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 12 and 13

Cleaned the scraproom yesterday.....ugh.  I love making the mess....don't love the cleanup.  After working on the albums it is a slight bit messy again.  So far the one when folded out can go out 6 ft at maximum much for the mini in "mini" album swap.  The other one will not be as far but it will be pretty big too.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 11

So I have been working on my is a mini sneek peek of one of them.  Then I need to be grounded from playing with my scrap stuff until I clean my scrap room.  It looks like a tornado whipped through here.  Pretty bad. Have a great night all. Kel

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Combined Post 9 and 10

Woot! Woot! As my dear sweet friend Emily would say!  This weekend has been scrappy productive.  I am excited.  I went to my friend Shannas house (she is amazingly talented) and worked on a swap album.  Absolutely love how it is coming along. I put in about 15 hours+ into just the one the last two days.  It is about 70% done. I do have a bit to go yet.  I will wait to put pictures up.  I can actually say I am loving it. 

I have been going through a creative mojo drought.  It has been a very long time since I have really liked something I have created. I am not saying I haven't done things that were okay - I just didn't love them.  This I am really loving.  I hope she likes it as much as I do and it doesn't end up in the closet tucked away somewhere.  I will post pictures when I am done?

When was the last time you were really excited about a project  you were working on?

Until tomorrow - have a great evening.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 7 and 8 combined post

Sorry I have been busy...but I still did a project yesterday - just didn't get time to post it.  I decided to make my friends daughter a happy birthday bank.  I thought it would be different ...she is too young for gift cards (at least in my opinion).  She does love change so I am putting 5 pennies, 5 nickles, 5 dimes, 5 quarters, and 5 dollar coins.  (Any guess on how old she is going to be?)  The other project was I bought the Tim Holz die Sewing Room Floor for a swap I am participating in.  I decided to fool around with it tonight to get some ideas.  So love the color orange and I was looking around the craft store and found some gift bags.  Loved them.  So I thought I could convert them into a is the work in progress -by no means my finished product for the swap.

Have a good night.  I get to crafty after doing some work tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 6 Wednesday 062211

Oh I am spending more time on the Cricut mb than creating today.  I have worked a little on the mini album swap.  I am trying to get a little mojo rolling... probably just need sleep and can get back to it tomorrow.  I was looking at the pictures of the scrap room and realized that I have some cleaning to do.  I have so many projects that I want to do, so many partially done.  Need to start completing.  Goal:  By Sunday I would like to be almost if not completely done with one of the two Mini albums.  By the weekend after I want to be completely done so I can get in the mail.  I have two other swaps to complete, then I need to focus on some of my other goals too - like using stuff and completing projects.  Swaps are good for me to.  It stretches me.  I am working on an album that is vintagish.  Yes, I made up another word...I have never done vintage and it is definitely a growing experience. I just hope she likes it.  Have a good sleep - I am off to bed. K

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 5 part 2 pictures

Sorry - I didn't get the pictures in on the previous post so here they are:

I know there is so many images to go through - sorry I got carried away taking pictures.  Kel

Day 5

Wow, I have stuck to something for almost a's a record and even made through being sick - yea!  This is better willpower that I have shown on any diet plan :) So  down to business.  I am working on a page and took a side view so as not to give to much away - it is for a swap.  I made my first rosette - yippee; not quite beautiful - but still a good effort I think.  I also wanted to share my orangie goodness of a scrap room if anyone wants to see.  My son describes it as if the great pumpkin threw up in here.  I just don't care - it makes me happy everytime I come in here - you definitely cannot be sad for long in here.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 4 - Monday

Just posting some of things I have made.  Can't post what I am making for the swaps until they are done and ready to mail.  Need to go to bed now to try to kick this thing once and for all.  I would like to feel normal for once - ok stop laughing I mean normal for me. K

Day 3 Sunday

Made a dress for the dress form I am working on for a swap.  Not feeling great still.  I called it a night early. K

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 2 - part 1

So last night I was still sick.  I really rambled on during that first post.  I still don't feel 100%, but I am much better than I was.  So last night I created some baker's twine.  I learned the technique from a fellow Cricut board member's blog.  I cannot remember who that was...but thanks for sharing.  I also brainstormed some ideas for the dress form swap I am in.  I must have been delirious because one of the forms I am doing is to be a famous person....animated, real, etc. I thought about how could I make a meat dress and make be archival safe? Then my mind jumped to Madonna's cone bra.  It looks like I may need to think this out just a little more.

So this morning I finished a mini album from my unfinished project grave yard.  (I think I have scrapper ADD).  I start a project, if I don't like how it is turning out or if I am getting bored with it - off to the graveyard it goes.  The grave yard is just plastic bins.  Some of them have been hiding in there for a while.  So I have decided as a part of my 365 day crafting journey I am going to finish all of them.  This will be a big I am going to tackle just one at a time.  The one I finished this morning is a Love world album that I was making for a friend's wedding present.  Am I in love with the album that I did?  No.  However, I do like it now. It is not colors I would normally choose, but I tried to make it what she would enjoy and not myself.  I do feel better that it is now done and I can move on to the next project.  I am going to take a nap and try to feel a little bit better before finishing the next project - 2 swap mini albums.

Once I learn how to post pictures to this, I will put some pictures of finished projects along with the blog.

I will catch up with you tonight. - Kel

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 1 - Introduction

This is my first blog post.  I am a little nervous, but I figured it was time to jump in.  My name is Kelley and I have been crafting since my 19 year-old son was born.  Oh, the travesties that I have created.  My scrapbooks look like an evolution chart.  The beginning ones are pretty scary.  You know what I am talking about - the cutting out of the pictures, sticker sneezes, gobs of glue seeping out the sides, hand-cut letters.  Painting a good picture -huh?  If you thumbed through the pages, you can see what techniques I learned and when.  It is all over the pages - remember when tearing was the big thing?  Oh my goodness, I had title blocks torn, mats torn, torn borders, torn journaling tags, and yes....(gasp) even the pictures.  I have kept with it though and I have come a long way....I do have my share of disasters once in a while - and go "what was I thinking!" 

I work crazy long hours, weekends, etc. at a job I love, but it is definitely stressful.  I have a wonderful 19 year-old son who is 99% perfection, but that other 1%...  Paper crafting is my peaceful escape from it all.  I love paper - the smell, the look, the feel.  I have quite the collection growing.  I need to start using it.  However, this is a secret.... sometimes if it is paper I just love and have used it ....I have to go get more of it.  Sad huh?  

Well I have accumulated quite a few things over the years and the favorite things in my craft room (which is a work in progress) are:
My cricuts: 2 E's, 1 E2, and an Imagine including the cartridges
Paper - especially the Basic Grey collection
My orange buckets and my desk

So I am making a resolution to myself  to start today and not wait until next January.  I am going to try to do something crafty each day.  It may be as little as a working on a page or as big as completing a whole project.  I am going to try to post daily if my schedule allows - but at least by the end of each week I will show what I have done and do a copulation post for the days I have missed. 

Things I want to accomplish by doing this....

Use my stash
Use tools including cartridges I haven't even opened yet.
Stretch my skills and learn new techniques.
Do more swaps

Thank you in letting me share and hope you join me in my creative journey.  Now I just have to learn how to add all the pictures of the projects.