Thursday, August 22, 2013

Projects and Projects and more Projects coming and some changes

Well it seems like the last month and a half is blown by.  Sorry I haven't posted more, but I was waiting until my partners received their items before posting them here.  I have decided to take a break from hosting swaps for a while.  I am going to focus more on playing, trying new techniques, conquering my crafty bucket list, playing, and finding the joy in crafting again.  I would love to join a design team, but if that doesn't work out....lots of playing is in my future. I think I got a little burnt out going non stop for a really long time making things for others and not taking the time to make things for myself as well.  Although I love swapping, I thought it was a perfect time for a break.  With changes in my personal life... it just seems right.  I am really excited about the next chapters in my crafty adventures.

In addition to playing trying new things, a friend I have decided to come up with 5 goals each to accomplish by November (well through the end of it any way). 

My five are:

1.  Prepare projects to try out for design teams (I already did one).
2.  Make Christmas presents (and not all on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning). (LOL)
3.  Organization (I will get back to this one - in the great words of George Lopez - I got this)
4.  Finish Obligations - All my swaps are completed, mailed, and the threads are done....woot woot.
5.  Rescue Items from the unloved bin - well I pared the bin down a little in the organization process and I have rescued two so far and I am working on a project to use them both on.

Okay, what is the unloved is where I put projects or items that are just not working out and I don't know what to do with.  They sometimes get rescued quickly, but other times it seems like they take up permanent residence until I know what to do with them.   It my challenge to myself to start emptying the bin and finish projects.

So back to the organization.  If you do something, might as well go big.  I decided now that I am not doing swaps, I can pare down my stash.  LOL  I spent all last weekend hauling stuff out the craft room and throwing junk away.  I am going to have a large sale on a private FB group this weekend to get rid of the good items that I just have no need for.  Can you believe that it fills my entire living room the stuff I am going to sell?  My craft room is 10 x 10 and it still looks full, where did all that stuff come from.  It just amazes me.  So I will still have a lot of small organization projects....but this will get me on the right track to get things where I really want them.

Here are some projects I have made.  I need to retrieve pictures from my phone for some others. Ooooh the exciting thing is that I found the charger to the camera that I can take decent pictures with.  It has only been missing a year.  So excited on that one.

The first several projects were for the die cut swap - you had to make items using dies. 

 I had to make a crown using the gear dies.  I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest and knew I had to make one.  It was a blast and super easy.
 I know this isn't the best picture - but it is a patriotic themed banner as my partner's 3 children all serve in the military.  I used the TH ornamental and 3-D star dies.
 This project was a blast to make.  It is using the TH small and large cabinet card dies.  I cut two solid pieces for the back ground on both sides.  Then I cut tons of frames of the die by putting one inside the other.  Then painted the layers black layered fussy cut images coming out of each layer to add dimension.  On the other side I made a frame for a picture.  I made a little stand for it to rest on using a small candlestick holder as the base.  Love the G45 paper.

 This was for Short and Sweet swap.  The objective was to repurpose or give an old item new life.  This had been a TH stamp box that had been abandoned.  It got a make over and a new live for my partner for her Timmy stamps.
 Since the box is metal and the inserts were plastic, I decided I needed to do a different treatment to the box.  Covered the box in black alcohol ink and then sponged on the metallic distress paints.  I love the finish.  I used Andy skinner techniques on the gears and adhered them to the box.  I made a little metal dangle to attach with the luggage tag to the box.  It was really hard to part with when it was done.

 I made this box for my niece's wedding in July.  Wow it took some time.  Inside I had put all her wedding favors that I put together.  I love how the box came together and she will be able to keep as a wedding keepsake for some pictures and other memories.