Sunday, December 30, 2012

Creative Soup for the Soul's New Year's Kick Off Party

Come join us at for a New Year's kick off party.  The party will go from 8 am - 12pm  pacific time. You will need to login in and become a membeer of the board.  Then you will need to go to video chat.  When you sign in to the video chat, please select microphone only and then select just typing response.  This way we can have more people join in on the fun.

So what will we be doing:  There will be demo's, projects, games, prizes, info and announcements.

Here are some projects I will be demoing and teaching along with supply lists.  You are welcome to create or just watch.

MELTING POT: Melting pot basics, colors of utee, mixing colors, molds, accenting finished pieces with color, texture treads, glass flowers, beeswax, project trays, and molding compound.

If you want to create as well - just have your melting pot ready, some utee, molds, 3 dimensional flowers (example prima, iamroses), tweezers, silicone spatula's, colors if you have them, rub-n-buff (if you have), etc.

Metal Art:  Demonstrate basic metal tape techniques
Make a metal 6 x 6 canvas

Need 6 x 6 piece (or what ever size you would like) of medium weight chipboard
Chipboard, grunge board, etc. letters and or diecuts
Metal HVAC tape (roll), Range metal tape, or any type of metal tape
metal kit or a stylus, bone folder, an end of a paint brush.
Magic Mesh or Cement tape (optional), Punchinella (optional)
Black acrylic paint
Copper Inka Gold by Viva Decor or Rust Alcohol ink (optional)
If you want to hang it: crop-o-dile, twine, chain or ribbon, and eyelets
E6000 and Beacon 3 in 1 adhesive


Hope you can join us there it will be fun!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Non-Traditional 12 days of Christmas Swap

I participated in the non-traditional 12 days of Christmas swap on the cmb.  We could buy up to 4 of the 12 days, but that still left 8 projects.

My true love gave to me....
Day 1: A partridge in a pear tree - make a fruit themed item.  I went with simple but classic.  I made 3 by 3 note cards.  I used a white textured card stock base.  Layered black textured card stock and a light aqua print.  (Aqua is one of her favorite colors).  I used  the fruit from the Serenade cartridge and was going to do the layers but it just didn't look right.  I decided to go with cutting in black and making it more like a silhouette.  I finished off with black gems in the corners.  I made 6 of the cards and a matching tin to store them in.

Day 2:  Two Turtle Doves - I gave my partner the Damask cricut cartridge.  It was on her MQ and she loves the pattern.

Day 3: Three French Hens - paris or french themed item.  This wasn't the first project I came up with for this day.  However, I just wasn't over the moon with the finished project and end up making a small printers tray.

Day 4: Four Calling birds - feathers  This is my favorite project of them all.  I so wanted to keep this.  It is hard to tell by the pictures, but the centerpiece images are all raised with foam tape.  On the wings, behind the metal ones are feathers.  There TH gears on the center of the rosettes.  I used the tags from the paperline to intermix with the rosettes. This is my favorite line of paper - Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante..


Day 5: 5 golden rings - banner in jewel tones.  My partner requested a Christmas Banner in traditional red and green

Day 6 - 6 geese a laying - make 3 oval gift tags (they are pictured on the previous post along with the gift box.

Day 7 - 7 swans a swimming - an item in blue and green - bought partner blue and green lindy's stamp gang sprays.

Day 8 - 8 maids a milking - create a pearl themed project

Day 9: nine ladies dancing - fill an altered purse with candy

Day 10:  10 Lords a leaping - project using masculine colors

 Day 11 11 pipers piping: 2 trims - I filled the box in little aqua damask bags with the trims plus extras from my stash.  I read that she like Mica Flakes on her mq and I add a variety of colors, crystal pieces, and an altered key.

Day 12: 12 drummers drumming - although this is so not usually my style - this is my second favorite project.  I got the idea from a pin on her board and had to come up with my own version.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted.  I made a ton of projects since the last post.  Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of one of the last swaps I did. This one I am finishing up, I am definitely taking pics of.  Here is one of the projects that I did.  We were to make 3 scalloped oval tags. 

Finished Tag

Cut from Alphalicious on the Cricut at 3 1/2 "  the scallop oval - 3 each, then cut again with the flip so I could back the tag.  Cut the regular oval at 3 1/2" - 3 each.
 Inked all edges in black ink.  then I went over in gold Inka Gold.
 Added flowers that I inked, bling, gears, tulle, and stick pins.  I added black sheer ribbon to the top of the tags.
I had made a little pizza style box for the presentation for the tags.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Box lids

So I posted earlier that I made the body of my apothocary out of two boxes and put the lids aside for another project.  I couldn't believe how much the craft store was selling wood planks for for subway art and other signs - they were 7 something a piece. YIKES.  I wanted to make two.  The boxes were in my stash - I had bought them previously on sale for 5 a piece.  I allocated the lid costs to $2 each - not bad of a savings. 

So story behind what I did with them.  My original plan was subway art.  I was going to be crafty with an idea I saw on pinterest.  I painted them both cream. Then over the top I did some random color blocking in fall colors.  I put down sticker letters (where I went wrong is on Pinterest they did this to a canvas).  Painted over the top with belended fall colors. Let dry and went to remove the sticker letters and oh was it a mess.  they did not come off cleanly.  So I tried to pain over it and that didn't work.  So instead of throwing them away.  I used inka gold to cover the plank, then I covered the front with paper and went from there.  I actually do like how they turned in the long run it worked out.

fall wreath

This wreath has been a long time in the making.  I think I started this a month or two ago and just stuck it in the unloved box.  (It is a box I keep next to my desk with items I get stuck on or just don't quite love that I will get back to some day).  So I challenged myself to pull that sucker out of there this weekend and finished it up.  I think it looks so much better with the center and final details.

Witches Hat

I made a witches hat for a friend's daughter in a Alice in Wonderland theme....I may tweek it a little before sending it though....

Steampunk Pumpkin

I was in a bit of a crafting funk.  I had made two altered pumpkins that let's say didn't come out as planned.  I was kind of bummed.  I hate when things don't come out any where as awesome as you have it in your head. I saw this on  the Gentleman Crafter's website and was totally inspired to do my own.  His is completely awesome and you should go check his out.

Here is my version....

Apothocary update

Still have a ways to go...but here is a little of what is going will look totally different when it is done  My favorite dtail I think so far is the hand made trim pieces.   I took metal foil tape and embossed with a TH embossing folder.  Then I painted it black and then slightly whiped off some of the ink so some metal showed and there were color variances. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The beginnings of an Apothocary

I loved the idea of making an apothocary when I saw one on the Laura Carson's blog  However, with Josh going back to school and the item is for a low cost/no cost swap, a recreation was not going to happen.  So I decided to make my own version using what I had.  I really want to keep the budget low only buying what is absolutely necessary.

So Day 1 (Sunday):  I went through my stash to find items that I could use along with paper that would be suitable.  I pulled a variety of supplies together.

The base of Laura's is 4 black paper mache boxes that are sold for $4.99 each.  So roughly $20.

I found in my stash two wine boxes that I paid $5 each for on sale.  I am going to divide the cost out because I am going to use the lids and the hardware for different projects.  So I am going to assign $2 for each base of the box, $2 for each lid, and $1 for each set of hardware to make it easier to track cost.  2 box x $2 = $4 for the base.  Since it came out of stash there was no out of pocket cost.

I removed the hardware and put into a container with a lid so I don't have to step on screws later.  I always seem to knock them on the floor.  I took off the lids which I am using for subway art.  Pictures to come on that.

I painted in just cheap black paint the edges, corners, etc of each box.  

I used skor tape (sookwang) the one inch strips to put between the bases of the two boxes.  I am not listing consumables into the cost as it is just stuff I use on many projects and keep on hand.  To get a better cost picture - can add $5 onto the final cost.

I did paper the box yesterday - i will show those pictures tomorrow.  So just the base structure...I was able use stash, but actual cost was $4 not bad.

week 15 - tons of projects coming your way

So here are some halloween block sets I have made.  Love these.  I really have a good time putting these together....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 14 - more steampunk

I have had a TH stopwatch in my stash for a while.  I have been a little intimidated by it. I decided just to go ahead and make it.  I love the fact that you don't have to glue the paper down so that it can be interchangable.  I used a steampunk image from G45 Steampunk Debutante.  I added some clock gears, a IamRoses rose, a butterfly from the same paper that I glossy accented.  I also used glossy accents on some of the image.

Week 14 Part 2 - More steampunk

This is one of my thrift store finds.  This thing was hideous.  But I love boxes, containers, things with drawers, etc.  So I looked beyond the fact that it was hideously altered and the fact it was falling apart and poorly made.  I knew it had a little magic and charm in it that could be brought out.  Plus black spray paint fixes everything. (LOL)

This is the after shot.  I painted ot black. I then took off the little knobs and covered it with Graphic 45 OCS paper.  I added TH drawer pulls.    I papered the bottom of the inside of the drawers.  I added A block that I covered in the same paper. Then I added a clock to the front with a gear and a spinner.  I added the word Time, the number 2 (with gears) and then the saying "live the life you imagined"  I added some flowers to the front.  I cut out of black chipboard TH gears.  Then I used Inka Gold in Copper and hematite to color them.  Then I added TH gears to the centers to finish them off.  I layered them and added them to the back of the block to serve as a backdrop.

The before picture - I told you it was hideous.

week 14 - it is a steampunk world

I am living in a steampunk world or I wish I was.  I made some steampunk items for a swap with a friend.  I wanted to ake something different for her.  I found some great finds at the thrift store that I just fell in love with when I saw them.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.

First up:

Steampunk Wold..... made from a round lantern

I took out the center glass globe ( it was actual a plastic material).  I love that it was all rustyish on the inside to give it some character.  However, I did want to give it some elegance two.  So I wrapped the bottom part that held the globe in ribbon and then covered the seams with the double strand pears.  I made a circle out of chip board to fit in the center and cut a hole in the middle to fit around the pole.  I wrapped it in tule through the center circle and went around it to give it a puffy base.  then i added some tule to the bottom of it so when i put it in the bottom it would stick out.  I added my main pieces.  On the main pieces I added all kind of embellishments.  Unfortunately I stink at taking pictures and your really cannot see all the detail.  Wings, feathers, gears, clocks, crowns, flowers, butterflies, pearls, gem ribbon slidors, metal butterfly, etc. 

On this side I added glossy accents to the flowers and gears to her hair.  I added pearl strands around the edges.  I added flowers to the base with a memo pin and ticket.  I added a graphic 45 metal butterfly that I colorized with inka gold in different shades.  Around the outside I added gears and butterflies that had been glossy accented. On the top I added flowers, pearls, gem ribbon buckles, and gears.
 This is my favorite side.  Unfortunately it is not a good shot for the detail.  She has feathers and metal th wings on her wings.  I glossy accented the flowers on her had and her neclace.  I added a crown to the bird on her arm.  There is a watch, with a gear and clock hands right behind her right elbo.  I added gears to her earing and watch.  I glossy accented some butterflies and added them as well.  I filled the rest of the base with flowers.
 The Before Shot

Saturday, September 8, 2012

week 11, 12, 13

Seems like the last few weeks have been a blur.  Between working tons of hours to going full speed on a large swap, I have lost track of time.  I was in such a hurry to pack up that swap, I didn't take pictures.  Bummer.  I am going to have to see how to get a picture from my phone to here that I did for a card swap.  Like how they turned out.

Here is a frame I did last night for my partner who wanted a green and yellow baby themed frame.  I really like how it turned out.

1. painted the frame in Inka-Gold Green Yellow.  I used a sponge to get an even coat and buff it.  It gives it a nice almost metallic sheen.

2. I traced the frame shape onto the Graphic 45 Little Darlings (G45 LD) green polka dot paper and cut out.

3.  I glued the paper to the frame and then sanded the edges. 

4.  I cut a strand of double stranded pearls to a single strand and put it around the window of the frame.

5.  I used a pearl fourish and adhered green and yellow IamRoses roses to it.

6. I used seam binding that was dyed with lemon zest Glimmer Mist and tied it at the bottom part of the frame.

7.  I added a cut out from the G45 LD, inked it, and curved it slightly and glued the two edges to the frame.

8.  I cut out a sheet of the words from the same paper pack in green and glued it to the insert of the frame to give it a more finished look until my partner puts a picture in it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 9 & 10

Looks like I skipped a apologies.  I was a cleaning woman.  The craft room is clean. YAY.  I took the overflow of the alterables and moved them all into the linen closet.  We had only a few extra towels and the extra bedding in there.  SO I move those to their new homes and filled that sucker up.  It makes such a difference.

I made a few rak items but forgot to take pictures before I sent.  What was I thinking.  I have most of the projects posted such as the bird cage, but I made a G45 Ladies' diary box that I would have loved to show as well as an altered purse.

I have a tendency to forget the things I have so it is nice to have most of it in a central location.

I did make some tags cards and bags for a swap on the mb.  I had seen this stuff in several youtube videos used in different ways and knew I had to get some.  It is called punchinella - it is the left over stuff after they punch confetti.  You can use it as an embossing template, as a template for sprays, you can use it as an embellie...all kinds of things.  Here I inked it gold and used it in my vintage set.  The batch I bought was metallic brown but you can select from a variety of colors.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 9 - A project from Stash

Over the weekend, I was showing a friend how to alter a box.  I started off making one for a swap and decided I came up with the wrong color of red, so I decided to just play and this is what I came up with.  I went with a simple, clean vintage with a dash of elegance.

I started by painting the box with a couple of coats of MS Habenero Red satin paint.  Let dry.  Once I decided to use the G45 Communique papers.I love the black and white diamonds (go figure...are we sensing a theme  Plus this pattern had tiny little bits of red in it.   I decided that the box was too red.  I decided to use a technique (I know I didn't invent it, but I don't know what the heck it is called).  I call it dredging.  So i take my finger and "dredge" it in the lid of the black pain so I get a little bit on my finger and I smear it on the box in different places.  Then I take the red paint and "dredge" it through the black kind of smearing them together.  I love the outcome. 

I used the black and white paper as my base.  I added a strip of black cardstock to mat the red patterned paper that was left over from the inside of the box.  I added some of the images from the stack.  They already had a nice thick back border.  I just added a tiny bit of red paint and wiped off the black and white image (tanish too) to tie it in with the rest of the images.  I added a black flourish and a couple of TC corners.  However, I didn't like that they were so silver (which I loved) against the color of the box closure.  So I added just a little Inka Gold in gold to the corners to make them match a little better. 

 On the inside I lined with the red print.  I added a little pocket on the inside lid from the reverse print of the paper.  I added a little bit of black trim and tucked some of the images inside the pocket.  I forgot to mention that I adhered all the papers down and sealed on top with multi-medium matte.
 I added feet ( just round beads painted the same way as the box) to give the box a little more substance.  I did ink all the edges of the paper in black before adhering to the outside/inside of the box.