Sunday, October 7, 2012

Box lids

So I posted earlier that I made the body of my apothocary out of two boxes and put the lids aside for another project.  I couldn't believe how much the craft store was selling wood planks for for subway art and other signs - they were 7 something a piece. YIKES.  I wanted to make two.  The boxes were in my stash - I had bought them previously on sale for 5 a piece.  I allocated the lid costs to $2 each - not bad of a savings. 

So story behind what I did with them.  My original plan was subway art.  I was going to be crafty with an idea I saw on pinterest.  I painted them both cream. Then over the top I did some random color blocking in fall colors.  I put down sticker letters (where I went wrong is on Pinterest they did this to a canvas).  Painted over the top with belended fall colors. Let dry and went to remove the sticker letters and oh was it a mess.  they did not come off cleanly.  So I tried to pain over it and that didn't work.  So instead of throwing them away.  I used inka gold to cover the plank, then I covered the front with paper and went from there.  I actually do like how they turned in the long run it worked out.

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