Friday, December 23, 2011

day 168 to 194 - oops

Okay..... I have been crafting every single day.  Too much in fact.  I was trying to catch up from being sick and crafting my heart out in some major Christmas swaps.  Those are all done.  I am now in 2 on the mb and a few private swaps.  Much more manageable for sure.  I need to try the daily posting thing again.  I just made another wreath for my mother for Christmas.  Should have four more done. ...but we will see at least I got that one done. 

I have started on a few projects for the all homemade swap on the cmb and I have to say I am loving how they are coming out.  I like really having the time without feeling rushed.  :) 

I'll post more pics soon.  Who knows...maybe I will get back in the habit of posting daily.  One could only hope.