Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The beginnings of an Apothocary

I loved the idea of making an apothocary when I saw one on the Laura Carson's blog Artfullymusing.blogspot.com.  However, with Josh going back to school and the item is for a low cost/no cost swap, a recreation was not going to happen.  So I decided to make my own version using what I had.  I really want to keep the budget low only buying what is absolutely necessary.

So Day 1 (Sunday):  I went through my stash to find items that I could use along with paper that would be suitable.  I pulled a variety of supplies together.

The base of Laura's is 4 black paper mache boxes that are sold for $4.99 each.  So roughly $20.

I found in my stash two wine boxes that I paid $5 each for on sale.  I am going to divide the cost out because I am going to use the lids and the hardware for different projects.  So I am going to assign $2 for each base of the box, $2 for each lid, and $1 for each set of hardware to make it easier to track cost.  2 box x $2 = $4 for the base.  Since it came out of stash there was no out of pocket cost.

I removed the hardware and put into a container with a lid so I don't have to step on screws later.  I always seem to knock them on the floor.  I took off the lids which I am using for subway art.  Pictures to come on that.

I painted in just cheap black paint the edges, corners, etc of each box.  

I used skor tape (sookwang) the one inch strips to put between the bases of the two boxes.  I am not listing consumables into the cost as it is just stuff I use on many projects and keep on hand.  To get a better cost picture - can add $5 onto the final cost.

I did paper the box yesterday - i will show those pictures tomorrow.  So just the base structure...I was able use stash, but actual cost was $4 not bad.

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