Saturday, September 15, 2012

week 14 - it is a steampunk world

I am living in a steampunk world or I wish I was.  I made some steampunk items for a swap with a friend.  I wanted to ake something different for her.  I found some great finds at the thrift store that I just fell in love with when I saw them.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.

First up:

Steampunk Wold..... made from a round lantern

I took out the center glass globe ( it was actual a plastic material).  I love that it was all rustyish on the inside to give it some character.  However, I did want to give it some elegance two.  So I wrapped the bottom part that held the globe in ribbon and then covered the seams with the double strand pears.  I made a circle out of chip board to fit in the center and cut a hole in the middle to fit around the pole.  I wrapped it in tule through the center circle and went around it to give it a puffy base.  then i added some tule to the bottom of it so when i put it in the bottom it would stick out.  I added my main pieces.  On the main pieces I added all kind of embellishments.  Unfortunately I stink at taking pictures and your really cannot see all the detail.  Wings, feathers, gears, clocks, crowns, flowers, butterflies, pearls, gem ribbon slidors, metal butterfly, etc. 

On this side I added glossy accents to the flowers and gears to her hair.  I added pearl strands around the edges.  I added flowers to the base with a memo pin and ticket.  I added a graphic 45 metal butterfly that I colorized with inka gold in different shades.  Around the outside I added gears and butterflies that had been glossy accented. On the top I added flowers, pearls, gem ribbon buckles, and gears.
 This is my favorite side.  Unfortunately it is not a good shot for the detail.  She has feathers and metal th wings on her wings.  I glossy accented the flowers on her had and her neclace.  I added a crown to the bird on her arm.  There is a watch, with a gear and clock hands right behind her right elbo.  I added gears to her earing and watch.  I glossy accented some butterflies and added them as well.  I filled the rest of the base with flowers.
 The Before Shot

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  1. This turned out A-MAZ-ING!!! What a cool find at the thrift store.