Thursday, September 22, 2011

DAY 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday

Today is a great day for several reasons:

A.  I received the most beautiful dress form banner from Kathy (Heaven).  She did such beautiful work - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  My card reader on the computer isn't working- I need to find the cable so I can post pics.  I am going to have to work really hard on hers to make hers just as beautiful.

B.  I received a wonderful batch of dominoes from the Domino swap on the Cricut MB.

C. I got to scrap/skype with Cindy. Awesome - she was making an awesome _________ for her swap partner.  BEAUTIFUL.

D.  Today is day 100 on my crafting challenge - I can really see a difference in my creativity, crafting ability, and desire to be creative from when I started this challenge to myself.  I kept putting it off, I am glad I stopped only if I could stick to a diet as well.

Finished up projects for one swap and getting boxed up to mail tomorrow - to the UK.  Awesome. 

I didn't get as far as I wanted to in my here is what I have done and here is what I need to finish:

1.  Some homemade items for shoebox swap - did some, have some in project, need to start others.  All the purchased items are bought.

2.  Match boxes - match boxes and coffin are painted - need to cover, make stickpins, chunky charms, and  flowers.

3.  Make 5 junk journals.  I need to get at least 2 done possibly 3 and I can wait on the other 2.

4.  Finish 3 sets of altered paperclips - one is started.


  1. My dear friend Kelley.....HOW THE HECK DID YOU END UP NEEDING TO MAKE 5(!!!!) JUNK JOURNALS????? No judging, just exasperated! lol
    <3 Shanna

  2. Yes you are one busy lady.
    I too am learning to limit myself a bit
    more on these swaps. Glad you liked my banner
    I had a great time making it for you!