Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 88 Saturday

Oh the day is a total was packed full.

Got up at 5 am (was up until 1 the night before).  I decided I didn't care for the dress forms I made for the chunky charm swap.  They weren't bad, I just did not like them very much.  I wasn't feeling the pink and pale green.  So I decided to redo them all - and they had to be mailed that morning.  Loved this version so much more.  So glad I redid them.  I mailed out three swaps. Woot Woot.  Worked on a mini.  I also made my cupcake bra. 

Went to get ready for the wedding and the blue hairspray didn't show up on my dark hair. Went to three different stores to find a wig.  Found one.  Then went to wedding it was a lot of fun.  Took lots of pictures.  By the time I was done. .... I was pooped.  Then I spent a few hours chatting with a crafty friend and making posts.

Have to work on Sunday.  Not wanting to.  :( 

Catch up with you all later. K

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