Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 86 Thursday

So I went to work today and worked most of the day....but I was exhausted half way through the day. I left a little early and took a rest.  I am hoping tomorrow that I will be raring to go.  I think I will go in around 5 to catch up on some work.  I know what I will be doing Sunday.

Tonight I worked on the mini I started yesterday...almost done.  Need to just embelish it a bit more and work on the outside.  I am doing a series of mini's in the same style, but different themes.  I think they will come out pretty cool.  It is a big change for me because these are small in size compared to my MONSTER not-so-mini mini albums come out as.  I need to mail some swaps tomorrow.  Postage is killing me.  I really need to slow down on the swaps, but they are addicting.


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