Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 82 Continued - Sunday

Wow it's late (I know it is really Monday....but since I have not been to bed yet I am still counting this post as Sunday). 

Oh my goodness went shopping today for the costume to wear to the wedding.  I have some serious putting together in the next week to do.  I am going as Katy Perry...cupcake bra and all.  That will be a sight to see.  I am changing up the outfit a bit ( just so I am covered)  I will have the blue hair though.  I will wear a light colored shirt under the bra and crop style jeans instead of daisy dukes.    I think everyone will thank me for that one. 

So today was crafty. In addition to the costume.  I decided to skip working on the mini today and I made an altered box.  I just need to add something to the top and then I will post pictues.  I created compartments on the inside with covered chipboard to hold a sew easy and the heads.  I am tired of them getting all over the place in my drawer.  Back to swap items tomorrow.

Have a good night

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