Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 84 Tuesday

Oh my goodness.....Under other circumstances today would have been a perfect day to craft all day.  Too bad I was sick.  Grrrrr.  I ended working from home (in bed)  this morning.  I then proceed to sleep the rest of the day away.  I cheated on dinner tonight - I ordered Domino's Pizza - I just didn't feel like making a mess tonight.  After almost 3 months of continous crafting, I wasn't going to let being sick get in my way of making my goal.  So I drug myself into the craft room.  Armed with zero mojo and a killer headache, I managed to make a small altered journal. 

I must of been completely out of it today though, I didn't even hear the mailman come to the door with a package.  I found it at the door this evening, when I went to get the mail.  I was so excited to find a package from FamilyScrapper (Susan) from the Cricut MB with a Fall Theme.  It was filled with Awesome Goodness: 

Homemade Items:
1. Altered Journal
2. Altered Frame
3. Stickpins
4. Note Cards
5. Flowers

Purchased Items
1.  Three spools of Ribbon
2.  Cuttlebug Folders - match the Happy Hauntings Cartridge
3.  Script Stamp
4.  Viva Decor Pen and Orange Stickles
5.  Metal Book Plates and Embellies



  1. This was certainly a good news, bad news day for you! Bad felt yucky! Good got a boatload of goodies! I hope you feel better today!

  2. Please go to my blog. I have an award for you!