Saturday, March 3, 2012

post 260

Looks like I have a whole week of posts to catch up.  I have had a rough week, but today will be productive.  I am working on two items that are drying before I work on the next step,  so I decided that I would make something for the Easter/Spring Swap.

I had seen some butterfly embellishments and thought they were really cute.  I wanted to make some using what I had in my stash so I checked out YouTube. I love YouTube it is an awesome resource.  I found a tutorial I liked, but I made a few changes.  In the tutorial she had used some large mesh rosette trim that was already colored.  I had found in my stash some shabby chic white trim from Tim Holtz - yay!  (My trim is much smaller than what she used - but it worked).  I glimmer misted them and let dry. Then I assembled like she had in the tutorial onto the circle.  On the trim, for the antennae, I used much less than she showed.  I started mid body and went up leaving enough for the antennae, whereas she had gone the full length of the body and had some as a tail.  The other change I made was that she used I AmRoses for the length of the body.  Although they are beautiful, I just didn't have any in my stash.  What I had that was small enough was the ribbon rosettes that you can buy at Joann's or Walmart for .97 for 40.  I cut off the green ribbon leaves and placed a dollop of glue to keep them held together.  Then I just placed three of them along the length of the body. 

I decided to package them into a tin.  For smaller items I am really liking the thought of using presentations. So they don't get lost in the box or just looking lonely in a baggie.  I had a tin I found for cheap at the Salvation Army - it was grimy but not scratched. So I cleaned the sucker up and and used some spring/easter colored paper and lined bottom of the tin, the inside top, and then the top of the tin.  I added some pink bling and some flowers.  I did not have any pink flowers so I used a couple of white ones and then just inked the edges in pink to tie them in.

I'll be back with some more projects today hopefully.


  1. Love your butterflies Kel!! The tin is so pretty too :)


  2. These are spo pretty. I'm going to try some... soon!

  3. Thanks it is so weird for me to do smaller projects for a swap. They were a lot of fun.