Monday, March 5, 2012

post 267 update was in a funk day.  So I didn't accomplish a lot today. However project 4 that was 50% done is now 75% done and project 5 went from 80% to 95% done.  I just have the final touches and it is complete.  I have to let what I did today dry overnight. 

Have you ever seen a project on pinterest or a blog and said - oh I can do that?  I did.  I am doing it too.  May not be as perfect, but it is looking good.  However, it was not as simple as I thought it would be - it wasn't difficult either.  There were just a lot of steps to the project that I didn't think about at the time.  Would I do it all over again given the opportunity to go back - heck ya'.  Although it has it's own imperfections, I absolutely love it. (I have come to the realization I am just an imperfect crafter and that is okay with me because you can tell that I put time, effort, thought, and love into my projects - sometimes even blood, sweat, and tears - lol). 

Tomorrow I might even start project 6.  I probably will not get to my suitcase until Saturday.  My biggest fear in all of this is getting it all shipped without falling apart.  I may have to have our shipping department help me because I want to make sure that the glass block doesn't break and/or doesn't crush the other items.  I am excited to be almost done.  It has been a fun swap. 


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