Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick Project

I had worked on a project for a couple of weeks (pictures coming), and wanted to do a quick little project for myself.  I ended up doing three. They were extremely fast to do.  I didn't really embellish as I was making things for my desk to be handled and used quite a bit.  I really like how they turned out. 

The first project was a box to hold my score tape:

1.  Took the lid and hardware off of a wooden recipe box.
2. Painted inside, top edges, side edges,  and bottom of box with black paint.
3. Cut and inked panels for the four sides of the box. 
4.  Used Multi Matte and adhered panels.  Dries quickly.
5.  Added butterfly image.
6. Sealed with the multi matte medium.

Next up I made two trays that were identical. Found them in the kitchen isle of the Dollar Store.  I wanted one to hold some loose items on my desk to keep items together and another as a working tray to use when doing projects.  I keep inks, embellies, etc. so they don't work area.


1, Paint with gesso
2, Paint with black paint
3. Cut and Ink Paper
4, Adhere with multi medium matte
5. Add butterfly image
6 Seal with Multi medium matte
7 Apply rub-n-buff

I really liked doing the trays.  I think I will do one as a wall hanging and make it more elaborate.  On the crafty list of things to do.

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