Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 119 - Day 126 Monday

I am sorry to do this to you guys.  I am doing one giant combined post for the last week.  I think I have it figured out what is wrong with my computer, I just need to figure out how to fix it with out spending a ton of $$$$.  It is a rundll32 error.  I need to get that fixed so I can post pictures of swaps I received and projects I have been making.

So I have been crafting daily.  I have had several major swaps due this week.  I was feeling sick and so I didn't have my major mojo going. Today...there is just nothing left.  I will do one little thing, but that is about it. Here are some highlights from the week.

I made a sign of sorts out of wood blocks spelling Autumn and using the fall line from BoBunny - you can check out Jewels fall swap - Nan (my partner posted a pick) along with my spooky banner I made her.  I have had the blocks a while and I wish I had done this project sooner.  If I would have known how fun this project was and easy too, I would have done more.  They do not have anymore of the blocks and are not going to order more :(.  So sad.

I made a frame of sorts from an ATC artists tray for a halloween swap. That was kind of fun.  I think I could have done more to it if I had just felt a little better.  It was a big weekend for swaps and with having waking pnemonia and a bronchial infection - I was not at my finest. :(  I still think it came out cute.  I also made this partner a cool black box with a white tile inset in the center on the lid, with a red and black gem flourish decorating the top along with her initial (wow what a run-on sentence :))  Inside I put in all the tools and supplies she would need to start making chunky charms.  I gave her some different pliers and wire cutter, dangles, charms, findings, beads, clasps, etc.

I made a ton of bottle caps last week.  That was one of my major projects.  I made 3 groups of 6 and 1 group of 5 (there are 3 to each) Over 80 bottle caps and tags for each set.  I did have fun making them though.  The steam punk ones - funky as they are - are my fave.  I used to turn my nose up at vintage and dare I say it ....graphic 45.  Now I am a huge fan.

I also worked on a ton of small little projects along with paper flowers.  I just received flowershoppe in the mail today.  I might just have to make some tomorrow if I am feeling better.

On top of this, I had a huge work project.  I think rather than quanitity....and yes I have said this before...I am going to scale back on the swaps and just be able to enjoy creating for my partner.  I am so excited, because things are going to slow here quickly.  I can start on a banner in the next day or two for a sister on the mb.  I have set hers aside while I finished some swaps.  She sent me a wonderful banner and I want to do the same for her so I have been planning it out for a while now.  I want it to be absolutely perfect for her.

So coming up in the next two weeks, my plan of attack is to

1. Make some flowers for projects
2. Dressform banner
3. Dressform Swap
4. Christmas Pin Swap
5. Pincushion Swap

Then I have a couple of junk journals and bird cage swaps to do for November, then onto Christmas :)

I have received some wonderful things in the mail lately.

I received a wonderful vintage box from Lana today in a fall theme.  It is beautiful. Oh my is it ever.  I also have received great boxes from other partners that I so need to get some pictures up of.

ps  can you believe I have hit the 4 month milestone of crafting every day?  Amazing huh?  I have the creating each day thing down now. I have challenged myself to get out of my box and try new things - swaps ( I have made altered boxes, dressforms, charms, bottle caps, just to name a few).  Now in the next four months, I want to work on my techniques more and broaden my horizons.  I want to create more stunning pieces than quantiites of good pieces.


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  1. I hope you get that ole computer fixed real soon! I sure do miss seeing your projects! You are a crafting machine!