Saturday, November 23, 2013

Canvas #4 - Grunge

I am so in love with grunge.  I love every variation from vintage-grunge to steampunk-grunge and every thing in between.  What I appreciate most about it is that is perfect imperfection.


1. Covered with magic mesh.  It is the same thing as drywall tape that you can get at the hardware store.  It is self adhesive. 
2. Painted the entire thing with a texture medium and then let dry.
3. Used a stencil and texture paint.  Modeling paste will work just as well. I just used what was handy. I like to put it on a little sloppy where it isn't all flat and even.  It just adds more texture.  Let dry completely.
4.  Paint with black paint and let dry.
5.  Spray and drip sprays until you get your desired look.  You can use a combination of paint and sprays or just one or the other.  Let dry and then add more if you would like.  I used teal and copper Lindy's sprays with drips of black.
6.  I embossed the edges with extra chunky aged black embossing powder.  It is has a mixture of black, gold, silver, and patina powders in it.
7.  I highlighted the texture of the canvas with patina Guilder's Paste. 


1.  Across the middle of the canvas I added a strip of brown metallic punchinella.  Punchinella is the left overs after confetti is punched out.  You can buy it buy the yard or in a bolt.  The 50 yd bolt was super cheap for $14.  You can use it in layers and as a stencil for inks, sprays, molding paste, etc.
2.  I sprayed with teal a couple of pieces of left over trim/lace.  I added a couple of drips of the copper to tone done the brightness of the lace piece. Let dry. These little snips are normally things that you would throw away, but I love to keep them as they are great for layering and using as embellishments.
3.  I added a little piece of the trim on the far left side of the canvas in the center of the punchella. 
4.  Sprayed the clock piece with the teal spray with a little bit of coper.  Let dry.  Inked with a Prima chalk edger in dark rust.  added a few swipes of the patina Guilder's paste. 
5.  Using the left over piece of rusted canvas, I frayed the edges using the TH tool.  I like to wet the edges first as it loosens the fibers.  Then I stamped with black archival ink.  I didn't want it to be too dark so I pressed lightly.  I just wanted some interest.  I added a few swipes of the patina guilder's paste. 
6. Used the left over portion of the trim for another layer. 
7.  I had trimmed off the top of the tag I used for my quote.  I didn't want to waste it because I loved the colors, so I stamped on it, inked the edges in dark rust and then added twine that I had sprayed.  I finished it off with a TH trinket that I highlighted with the patina Guilder's paste.
8. I love the little piece of dyed lace peaking out.  So glad I didn't throw that away.
9.  The TH wing.  I covered it with copper Viva Décor Inka Gold and rubbed it in, wearing some of it away.  I darkened it up with a Prima chalk edger in dark rust.  Then highlighted it with the patina Guilder's Paste.

1.  Cut an arch out of chipboard.
2.  Cut a second arch with a second arch inside to create a frame.  I used some grunge board that I had already rusted. 
3.  Stamped the frame with a script stamp in black archival ink.
4. Painted the frame with TH Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint.  I used my old bottle that isn't very crackly any more.  I wanted the shine and sporadic crackles.  So it was perfect way to use some old supplies.
5.  Went over it with rusty hinge and spiced marmalade distress stains to darken the rust.  It was getting lost with the tag.  I wanted it to stand out.
6.  I embossed the inside and outside edges of the frame with black fine embossing powser. 
7.  I added a little more stamping randomly with a few grunge stamps in black archival ink.
8.  Highlighted in a few places with the Patina Guilder's paste.


This was a happy accident and I needed to use it once I saw the finished piece.  I had been working on another piece and poured out too much burnt sienna paint.  I hate to waste paint so I wiped it up with a few tags then just set aside.  I had some sprays on my desk and just wanted to see what it would look like so I sprayed the teal and copper sprays over it.  Then forgot about them.  When I was cleaning up my desk, I was so delighted at the results I new I had to use it for this project.

I originally printed the sentiment on the tag straight from the printer.  I wished I had printed it in bold as the black kind of got lost on the tag.  So I went back and reprinted on manila cardstock and inked with rusty hinge and spiced marmalade distress inks.  I inked the edges in the dark rust edger. 

I randomly stamped and dripped sprays to add more to the tag.  I finished it off by tracing around the words with a black sharpie to make them stand out even more.


1.  I added a patina piece to the top.  I have had this in my stash a while and knew it would be perfect.
2. For the basket at the bottom, I used a drawer pull from Graphic 45.  I sprayed with teal spray, added a little bit of the guilder's paste, and darkened up with the dark rust chalk edger.
3.  I added some teal tulle to the inside.
4.  I cut off the top part of a TH puffy heart charm.  Inked with stream alcohol ink then darkened with the dark rust chalk edger. 
5.  Added some Gears.

1.  Started off with a Melissa Frances shabby chic corner piece in white.
2.  Dabbed it with a rusty keys Prima chalk ink edger.
3.  Took some of the copper Inka Gold and put on craft mat. Spritzed with water and painted it on.  It blended with the rusty keys and came out with this beautiful rusty color.
4.  Inked in highlighted edges with dark rust and then finished off with some of the Patina Guilder's paste.

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