Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ATC's and an ATC Book

I cannot say that I love ATC's, but I do enjoy making them once in a while.  I mostly like doing the backgrounds.  It gives you a chance to practice different techniques on a small surface.  I played over the weekend and had a small batch of atc backgrounds made.  I mostly use them in other projects, and like to finish them off specific to that project.  I hate to keep too many in the drawer because they tend to get wrinkled.

I decided that I wanted a little storage item to hold the backgrounds until I was ready to use them.  I was thinking about a little box, but wanted something I could flip through.  I didn't want to make a big item.  I was looking at the little arch I had on my desk from the patina tutorial, and decided it would make a great cover to a little book.

I cut out 20 pages for the inside of the book and glued them back to back.  I cut 3 additional arches so that I could back the inside cover and then do both sides of the back cover.   I cut paper into 1/2 inch strips to adhere along the bottom to make a mini pocket. 

To finish off I started embellishing it like crazy, but thankfully hadn't glued things down.  I changed my mind and decided to go a simple route as I didn't want to cover up the entire front.  That is why I picked it I the first place.  I love the rust, and patina, and the completely worn look of it all.  The book was fast and easy to put together.  You can even make several and organize your atc's by theme.  Here are just a few more pages that I have backgrounds in.

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  1. So cool! I started making atc's this past July and I like making them. I joined a swap and am doing a an egg shaped atc this time. I still like making cards more, though ;-)