Sunday, March 30, 2014

Art Journaling

Art journaling has been on my crafty bucket list for a long time.  I do have to admit, I have made several attempts, but never could quite finish a page.  I think that fear of it not looking like other ones that I have seen posted or on youtube made me a tad nervous to really try.  All I can say is I am glad I got over it.  I did recently take an art journaling workshop from Limor Webber online.  I cannot remember what her exact wording was, but she said it didn't even matter if it came out ugly.  As crafters we all want our creations to come out perfect, so letting go of that was a little difficult at first.  However, I cannot tell you how fun it is just to play and not really care what the outcome looks like.  I have really enjoyed doing them. 

Now confession, I enjoy doing the backgrounds way more than completing a page.  It is so much fun to just go for it and make an utter mess.  (At least for me :) )  I have not started with any ideas.  I have just grabbed something to play with and let it go from there.  It is the finishing it off part, that I have a hard time with but it seems like it is getting easier with each one.  Now keep in mind these aren't perfect, but I had so much fun creating them all.

 #1 A Beautiful Mind

Cut up calendar stickers from the TH Lost & Found Salvage Stickers into various sizes. Stuck to a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Sprayed Lindy's Stamp Gang Chocolate  into gesso and created a thin wash over the stickers.  It gave it tooth.
Sprayed Lindy's Industrial Chic and Chocolate all over the background and let dry.
Embellished, stamped. inked, and splatter sprayed.  Highlighted edges with paint pen and smeared. All the gears. clocks, and title were cut using the silhouette and then inked, stained, embossed, etc.

The washi tape wasn't part of the design but the paper started to tear so I am using to hold together.  Using a thicker spray instead of a flat Fabio corrected the issue for later pages.

#2Create your Own Destiny.

Covered sheet in gesso. Then second coat pouncing to create texture.  Splattered alcohol inks all over direct to paper and then sealed with clear gesso.
Created a wash with a blue gelato and water and went over white areas. Stamped randomly.
Tore strips of script paper and inked to break up the background.  Added embossed circles in various sizes.  (Hated the yellow, covered with white gesso then ended going over it with a red gelato.

#3 Feeling blue.  (There is some personal journaling on this one so I am not showing the full layout.

Gessoed then covered in gelatos.  Created different textures with the gelatos. Stamped and inked over.

#4 So Not a Fashionista

Faux batik technique with a twist.  Rusted egdges, inked, paint, splatters, etc.

#5  Heart
Paper backgrounds, acrylics, paper pleating with lindy's Cattail Copper Brown, antiqued hearts.  Rusted elements added.

Money Saving Tips:
Signo Uniball White Gel pen is the absolute best white gel pen that I have ever tried.  Craft Smart paint pens are excellent and cheap. Shop the kids section of art supplies.  I have gotten water color and mixed media paper for 1/3 the price and works just as well.  Gel Sticks by FaberCastel are the kid version of Gelato's and they are completely the same, just not as many colors.  I got this tip from the Frugal Crafter on YouTube...tried myself and it is true.   12 pack of gel sticks 9.99, 4 pack of gelatos are the same price. 


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