Saturday, March 29, 2014

You win some and you lose some

Ok, I am just going to make excuses and say I was a little off my game and blame that this was one of the first projects I did after fracturing my hand. However, we all know that it is just rubbish.  In creating, sometimes we make things that we all get giddy about and cannot wait to share with others.  Then there are creations, that we want to take and hide in a corner and never speak about again.  Well this is one of those creations. 

In my head, I had this wonderful piece all thought out.  I had this little armoire that I had picked up from a thrift store for a whopping .99 cents. So I guess I cannot cry too much.  I decided to alter it finally as I have had it probably for two years.  Oh I had grandiose plans for this one.  It was going to be my masterpiece - lol.  Not even close. 

Road block number 1 - most all of the screws were stripped so getting the doors off was quite a challenge.  Forget taking the hinges off the armoire all together (this plays a part later on).  So I went through with the plan and got the armoire all done.  Not perfect, but decent enough.  Then came putting the doors back on.  Whoops.  I had added so much paint and texture that ones the doors shut....they wouldn't open back up.  Sealed shut I tell you.  So the plan was to get them off and sand them down.  Oops again.  Damaged the doors when taking them off.  They were layered chipboard under all of that - go figure. 

I had two options.  I could through the dang thing in the trash which was where it was headed.  Or find a plan B.  I did want it as a functional item to hold mediums so they weren't just rolling around on the desk.  After stewing for a while and pouting quite profusely, I decided to ditch the doors and leave it open.  Well, there came the next road block - never was able to get the hinges completely off from the inside because of the stripped screws.  Then the incredible hulk moment kicked in and yanked them off.  Amazing what you can do when your determined and little ticked off.   (Normally I am so not this way)

Doors were  off, now to mask my boo boos.  I had to cover the spots where the hinges were (thus the gears in the front)  I don't hate the final piece, it just isn't what I imagined it to be.

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