Saturday, March 29, 2014

Antiquing - A quick tutorial

There are quite a few methods to give an antique effect.  For me simpler is better.  I like instant gratification with minimal steps and work if possible.  I have tried several products and always go back to the one made by Plaid...simple, easy, and cheap.  It is around 2.50 for a 2 oz bottle.  So worth it. 

I started off making a some collaged hearts.  I cut hearts in various sizes using the silhouette.  Tore some paper into smaller pieces.  Adhered them to the hearts and sealed with Golden matte medium.  Then let fully dry then trim.  It doesn't take long at all.

Paint on generously a coat of Antiquing Medium by Plaid.  Then wipe off with a paper towel in a circular motion.  It will leave your papers with a darker tint and a more unified look. 

To achieve similar looks you could do a light wash (make sure your project is well sealed first).  Mix in one part paint to 3 parts warm water and mix well.  Brush over project.  Let dry, repeat as many times to get the darkness you wish.  I tried the Martha Stuar tinatable antique effect...much more expensive than the plaid and didn't like it very much.  I might just need to play with it more.  I did like that when I painted over a darker surface with a lighter color mixed with the medium then blotted it off, I did like that.    To finish off I inked the edges with Dark Bark Prima Chalk Edger. 

(Sorry not great pictures....did this before I started trying to use the light tent ) 

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