Sunday, March 9, 2014

I am back - woot woot; Technique Tutorial and a Product Review

Sorry for falling of the face of the earth...well maybe not off the face of the earth - just a two inch step.  I fell 6 weeks ago and ended up fracturing my wrist and leg right below the knee.  So I was pretty much out of commission as far as doing any crafting.  I attempted to do a few things and start a few projects that I could do mostly with my left hand.  Needless to say I didn't get much done.  Finally I have my hand back so I am going to get back to crafting.

I have to say I feel a little lost without having swaps.  Usually I had a direction I needed to go and a deadline.  Yep, I get most of my mojo when I know I am under the wire or have a commitment in place.  Needless to say I have a ton of half done projects, backgrounds sprayed, and ideas floating around but not too much in the completion category.  I think for me, I need to set some goals and my own timelines so that I can be a bit more productive in the time I have to craft. 

One idea I have been bouncing around for a bit, has been crafting my way through the alphabet. I would pick a project, technique, item to use in the project, etc. that began with that letter. I would complete at least one project for each letter.  If the mood strikes, I could always go out of alphabetical order.  I will be utilizing different products and techniques.  In doing so, I am going to be showing some projects, tutorials, techniques, product reviews.  (I have not been provided any products - so this is just all my take on different ones that I can easily find).

I am going to try to post more regularly.  If you think of an interesting project or technique you want me to try for a certain letter, just let me know.

So for an A project I am working on I am doing a copper patina technique.  There are so many ways to achieve a patina look.  Today, I am just focusing on two techniques with paint. 

Technique and Review # 1: 
Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Paint and Patina Aging Solution
Cost per ounce:  Paint: 11.99 for 8 oz/ $1.50 oz  Patina  $8.25 for 4oz/$2.06 per ounce
Characteristics:  The paint is water based and has actual copper in it.  Since it has actual copper within the paint, it will patina naturally over time.  You can speed up the process by adding the aging solution to the paint.
Ease of Use:  Simple
Directions:  Paint first coat (may need to primer first depending on surface).  Let dry for 1/2 hour. Place on second coat.  While wet, add Patina aging solution.

NOTE:  Trial and error is how we learn.  I am so used to using the rusting solution where you apply all first attempt with this product I applied the aging solution all over.  It wasn't bad, but there was no copper showing any more - it was pure patina blue.    So I would just put the solution on with a brush or sponge onto the areas that you want to speed up the aging process. 

I am in love with the love love.  The only drawback is that I usually have to order online.   Well worth the money if you are doing a special project.

(The above picture is from a project I am working on and I had put a layer of modeling paste and then tapped my finger all over to create that extra texture).

Technique and Review #2:
Acrylic Paint: Metallic Copper and Patina (You can use any brand - I just used what I had which was the Martha Stewart Metallic Copper and the FolkArt Patina)
Cost per ounce:  You can get the paints anywhere from .50  -  under 2.00 for a 2 oz bottle at Michael's or any craft store.  The price will vary on brand but the cost per ounce will be somewhere under a $1.00 give or take.
Characteristics: Acrylic, dries fast. 
Ease of Use: Simple
Directions:  Paint one color and let dry.  It doesn't matter which color you put down first.  I did it both ways to show a comparison.  Once dry add the second color - let set for just a minute or so.  I wad up a small piece of paper towel.  I like the cheap textured ones as a personal preference and then just dab up some of the extra paint.  The crinkles in the paper towel and the texture in it will give your paint a more unique appearance. 

I do love the results and the paints are easy to find. Due to the size of the bottles, it is an economical choice.

The ME Copper Paint is on the far left, Patina Acrylic Middle, and Copper Acrylic far right

This picture you can see where I painted copper paint over the middle (and had already lifted some up with the paper towel) and then on the right, I painted over the copper with the patina.

The paint color is actually closer to the two above, the larger picture below the two shows better what the texture and overall effect looks like.  Somehow at that angle with the lighting, the colors appear brighter when they are actually more subdued.

There are many ways and products to achieve on different surfaces and I will go through some of those on another tutorial.  However for a quick background on paper - my definite go to is Lindy's Sprays Cattail Copper Brown and Tibetan Poppy Teal.  Just spray and let them run together.   Here is just a sample.

 This was a die cut that I had rusted a while back when I did a batch.  I just threw on one coat of the copper plus patina (not an even coat as I wanted a varied look).  This is what the outcome was - I really like it.

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