Sunday, June 8, 2014


I started another short & sweet swap on FB.  For round 2 we are doing 6x6 chipboard canvases.  I had done some a while back, which I had fell in love with.  I had also started some backgrounds and thought I had tossed them.  Last night I was hit by inspiration and prepped a ton of chipboard with gesso and went to town starting some backgrounds.  Then I remembered I might of put those other ones in the unloved bucket...I went looked and it was like Christmas.  So I have a stack of 6 x 6 canvases in various stages of the background to get cracking on.  I will be highlighting each one as I finish.  Maybe by the time I get to the bottom of the stack I will have picked which one I will send to my partner.  Excited by the possibilities.

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