Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bottle Caps

It has been years since I have done bottle caps.  I still have quite a few in my stash, so I decided to make a few.  I like using them on cards, tags, canvases, altered items, etc.  You can put holes through to make into jewelry, hang bobbles from, etc.  You can add pictures and make magnets. You could also make a set into custom checker pieces.


I took a handful of caps and put them through my Cuttlebug using the A plate and two B plates.  I was a little too nervous to put them through my Vagabond, worrying that they may get stuck.  Worked beautifully in the Cuttlebug though. This is optional, but I like the look better.  It is more of a personal preference. 

The inside of the caps usually have either a plastic ring inside or cork.  (some have neither - but you usually have to purchase them for a little more).  For the plastic ones you can heat in an oven at 200 degrees and then pull out the rings with a fork.  The cork ones were easily lifted out with a flat edge tool. 

I inked the metal with black alcohol ink and Vintaj Patina Inks.  On a couple of black ones I added a little bronze distress paint.  I can always add more for a particular project, but I like how they turned out.

The inside of the cap is 1".  Using a die cutting machine, die, or punch...cut out your background piece.  Layer it however you would like.  Don't forget to ink your edges, it gives it a little more visual dimension.  You can add dimensional embellishments, but don't go thicker than the rim of the bottlecap. Adhere all your pieces in.

If flat, you can use an epoxy 1" round sticker for the top.  Otherwise, you can fill it with diamond glaze or glossy accents.  They will both dry clear, pop any bubble that form with a pin.  You can also fill with utee and bake in the oven.   I used glossy accents for mine.  As a tip.. put them to the side to dry...they take a long time.  I always get my hand into one of them - ruining it (yep did it again).  Also, I had one other little mishap - I was splattering black paint on another project and got a little crazy.  I about died when I got some splatters on mine.  I also hadn't noticed some bubbles had formed as I had to go help with the fence.  When I came back it was too late.  When I checked them out today, I thought they maybe ruined, but it wasn't as bas as I thought.  I still love how they came out and cannot wait to use them in my projects.  My motto - embrace imperfection. 

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  1. Great tutorial! I've never tried these before.