Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A bit of a challenge to myself

I am not sure what your creative process is, but I know that mine is usually long, slow, and deliberate.  I was Skype crafting with a friend over the weekend, and she was getting quite the kick out of me.  It took me over 2 hours to select then narrow down just my paper selection down to 12 sheets of paper for a tag.  In that two hours I think she must have gotten two or three things done in that time.  I envy someone who can just go in and whip something up without agonizing over every choice. 

So today I was getting ready to pack up a goodie box for an Australian friend.  Unfortunately with shipping costs, I am a little more conscious this time around in how I pack her box.  One thing to save space was to take items out of the original packaging.  It saves both room and weight.  My options were to let the items roam free in the box, put in a zip lock, or come up with another plan.  I didn't like the first two options and found these great little envies in my stash.  I decided to decorate them up to make them more of a gift.  Now here comes the draw, I probably could have spent days making these between planning them out, deliberating all the details, and execution.  However, I decided to give myself a little challenge.  I gave myself 2 hours to complete all the envies.  I figured that they were just for packaging, so I would make them fun but keeping in mind that they may just end up in the trash.  I used materials that were handy and just went for it.

Here is what I came up with....

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