Friday, August 8, 2014

Organization - Stamps

I am trying to get the beast other wise known as my craft room organized.  Given the fact I am a super messy crafter, it isn't to bad.  I know for me, I like my supplies to be easily accessible.  I have a super great find that I am using to put the majority of my embellishments.  I will show that piece when I am complete - so excited about that one.  For a long time, I have been using a clip it up to hold some of my embellishments.  I would need about 10 of them to hold everything - (Isn't that the same for most of us :) )  I wasn't sure what to do with it when I took everything off and just set it in the corner.

I have done several major purges over time, especially with stamps. I still do have a nice collection of them though.  Never really figured how to store them so that they would be easily accessible, something I could put away easily (I am so not good at that), and cheap.  I love the ideas of the TH binders, but I would be into it for about 200 by the time I got everything I needed.  Thought about binders and inserts, that would work but I would still need about 5 big binders plus the inserts.  Definite possibility, but then it hit me.  I could put them on the clip it up.  Bingo, it works perfectly. 

The only thing I realized that the regular sandwich bags (with out the zipping feature) are very flimsy.  So I will need to go to the dollar store and get box to replace the ones that are housing the smaller sets.  So for a dollar and using what I had available, I have a new stamp storage system. 
I love the fact that I can spin it, see what I need.  I can easily just hang it right back up when I am done.  It holds over a 100 stamp sets.  So excited.

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