Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 320-335

My partner finally received her items in our swap, so now I can post.

The rules were to use your partner's three favorite embellishments.  I did follow the rules on the first two items, but was not so good on the third.  However, I did make something my partner asked for and in the colors that she wanted.  So that is what matters, right?  :)  I guess I am just a little rule breaker.  Her three favorites were: journaling spots, twine or faux stitching, and ms lables.

Here we go:

Item 1:  The heart is a journaling spot (or could be used as one).  The base of the house is a MS lable.  Last but not least, there is blue twine.  I did cheat a little and two heart buttons.  They were to cute to resist.

 Item 2: Shaddow box picture frame:  I made a journaling spot in the upper left corner, used a ms lable on the bottom.  I embellished both with just the twine along with the photo mat.  I painted the frame in brown and copper penny pixed so that it would have a little shine when the light hit it.
 Item 3:  Okay wrong embellies on this, but oh well :)  I used a combination of browns, creams, and reds with tiny bits of black in some of the paper.  I added a  mixture of brown and cream buttons to the wreath.  I almosted added twine to the buttons, but I thought over time and dust that it would not look to good so I opted out of doing that.

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