Tuesday, May 29, 2012

days 336 - 347

I must of got off on my days sometime throughout the year.  Oops. Oh well.  So needless to say, I didn't blog every day, nor did I craft every day.  However, I did craft most days even doing something small.  I did try lots of new things this year.  I went way out of my scrapping comfort zone and jumped head first into the world of altering.  Swapping websites really challenged me. 

I do have to admit I went a bit overboard in signing up and accumulating more stuff.  All of it wonderful crafty stuff that is.  I have loved this journey of learning new things, meeting new people, and making great friends along the way. 

Although this year (for the blog) doesn't end until June 16th, I am going to start my new challenges to my self starting on June 1st.  Being realistic is one of them.

My goals for the next year:

So I would like to continue the journey, but be more concious of cost this year of what is going into my projects.  That includes how many swaps I sign up for.  I am going to limit myself to a couple at a time and do low cost/no cost (stash only) swaps. 

1.  Spend maximum $50 per month (including shipping for purchases on line and for mailing swaps).
2.  Try to complete at least one project a week.  If a bigger project, break into several weeks.
3.  Use stash and tools!
4.  Get Organzized.
5.  Learn new techniques and try new things.
6.  Keep a log of materials used on each project and approximate cost of materials.
7.  Make presents early! (LOL - we will see how that will work out)
8.  Go the extra step to make a swap extra special.
9.  Make time to craft for myself. (I was really bad about this last year and only made the desk set for myself.)
10. Have fun.  I got a little overwhelmed with the swaps last year and it almost felt like a job sometimes.  So this year...take it easy and enjoy the process.

I am going to put the $50 aside each month in cash so I cannot go over unless I decide to buy something on line.  then I am just going to have to be good.  Then hopefully I can stay under budget and the money can accumulate for a larger crafty purchase or just save it. :)

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