Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post 319

A Box -

I did the candling technique on this box....loved how it came out.  I painted it all in brown.  Then rubbed a candle on the edges and parts of the box.  I then painted it blue over the top.  Once dry, I sanded the areas with the wax from the candle.  It gave it a distressed look.  Then I took a wet paper towel and dabbed on vintage photo distress ink and rubbed it all over the box.  Tinted the hardware with alcohol inks.  Then I blinged out the box :)

Then for the goodies inside I dyed snug hug in different colors and then wrapped with matching Iamroses.  Hope my partner loves.


  1. Wow, Kelley! What a fabulous project! Thanks for giving detailed instructions for this wonder box! The colors are beautiful!

  2. I love this! Great job as always!

  3. Thanks. YOu can see in the first picture the difference of the distress ink. The half of the box on the left I had already rubbed on the vintage photo distress ink and the half on the right I had not done it to yet. It was just a little too bright and wanted to bring the color down a notch.

  4. Love this! I need to try this candling technique.

  5. Super cool project! You did an amazing job!

  6. Wow - what a cool project! Beautiful job.