Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week 1 - Organization

Another goal for this year is to finally get organized.  I know it isn't going to happen overnight, but I am going to gradually take on a new organization project each week and maybe obtain that goal of being truly organized by the end of the year.  (One can only hope :) ) 

I started with an Alex (I have four of them - love them) that I bought from Ikea.  They have large drawers that seem to go for ever and they hold tons. So this one holds all my inks, paints, stains, stickles, glitters, brushes, etc.  I have baskets on the top that I need to get hung on the wall, but they are working out great where they are for now.

 The inks are 4 pads deep which is great considering these are the smaller drawers.

 I used metal tins I found in the clearance section to contain smaller items like alcohol inks so that it would be easier to take them in and out.  Four of the viva decor pins fit perfectly in the lid so they are not rolling about the drawer and they stack nicely.  ther are four tins high in each stack.

Now I should be able to find my glitter, inks, stains, etc. easily when I want them rather than searching in piles.  I still have hope in this organization attempt that I am going to find the metallic paint and finger knife I bought, but haven't found since.

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