Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week 1 - A project from stash - Butterfly

Yes we all have stash.  Well mine is exploding out of the craft room in to the knook in the hallway and into my room.  So time to start using it and getting it under control.

I have a bad habit.  If one is good, 20 must be better.  The dollar ($1.50) bins at Michaels are so bad for me.  I end up with 20 of what ever in my cart or close to it.  Well when they had the paper mache hearts, birds, and butterflies I of course had to pick up a ton of them.  Well now it is time to start using them.  Thrifty Tip:  Save all packaging and try to use at least once before throwing away.

 I sprayed with deep purple glimmer mist.  Thrifty Hint #2:  Spray item on top of ranger mat.  The overspray of the glimmer mist will just rest on top of the mat.  I wet approximately a yard of snug hug (seam binding) and then used it to clean up all the ink off the mat. This way you get matching ribbon for your project without having to use more spray.  I stuck it in the plastic packaging overnight to get it all crinkly without it getting crunchy.  The next morning I just hung it on my rack to dry. 
 I gave the butterfly a quick hit with black webbing spray.  I love webbing spraypaint.  It does not take a lot, but I love the look of it. Here I started to add two different types of tule and a bit of lace for the base before adding the rest of the embellishments.  I love tule because that stuff is cheap and it lasts forever. 
 I added black flourish bling, gears, flowers, black beaded trim, th metal clip, and buttons to the front along with two stick pins.  I added some hanging clips to the back and used the matching ribbon to make a hanger. 
Thrifty Tip 3: Take the left over ribbon and make a little bundle. Add a few roses with the wire stems to wrap around the middle. this makes an inexpensive addition to a swap.  This was for the Mother's Day Swap that I was in.  (100 yards of snug hug is 9.99.  So it comes out to .10 a yard.  The flowers from I am roses are $7 for 100, which comes out .07 a flower.  Five flowers are only .35 cents.  Since I use the snug hug to clean up the ink I don't count it in the cost.  So really these little bundles are only .45 a piece.  Gotta love that.


  1. Love the butterfly! Great tips too!

  2. Beautiful! I love your thrifty hints too :)