Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 2 - Making What You Have Work - Gears

I use tons of gears.  I love Tim Holtz metal gears and I use tons of them.  What I don't love is that I go through them so quickly.  I have two solutions in my stash.  One is I found metal gearish looking items at the hardware store.  You can get 100 for a couple of buck then just ink them up at home and you are good to go.  The other solution that I have is using die cuts.  I know, I love the look of the metal.  On a project such as the butterfly this week I used tons of gears.  The ones on the bottom I used my die cut ones and on the top I used the TH Metal ones. 

I have to admit I did like how the die cut ones turned out.  I cut out the gears with TH Mini Gear die on scrap black chip board.  Then I coated them with black utee and embossed.   It gave them really nice dimension.  Then I used inka gold copper and inked them up.  I still let some of the black show.  I loved these.  On a few of them I just put the inka gold straight on the black chipboard.  loved it.


  1. Wow! You are the go-to-girl for gears! What a fun post! I love how you embossed the gears and then inked them! Great technique!

  2. thanks - i am a gear junky - i keep tim holtz rich!