Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 8 Organization

So I am trying to do some storage and I have quite posted all I am doing ... yet.  I have been working on ribbon storage.... you can see the reason why - there is ribbon everywhere.

 Now in my defense.... some of the ribbon in jars has been in my stash a really long time, the piles of ribbon in the bucket is snug hug I just dyed for a swap.  There are some ribbons in the bag. 
So I decided I needed to organize the ribbon.  I don't necessarily like shoving it all in jars and getting it all tangled.  If I went that route, I would need more jars.  I don't really like the spool systems because they take up a lot of room.  I searched the internet and didn't find anything out there I liked.  So I decided to come up with my own idea.  I decided to make ribbon books.  I made the boo ks from chipboard, paper, TH binder rings, and a few embellies (I kept it on the simple side).  I am going to make a box or two for all the ribbon books to fit in. The two boxes will be 9 3/4" deep by 5 1/4" high by 10 1/4" wide.  I am going to wait on doing the boxes until the I am done with all the binders and all the ribbon has been wound so that I can make the right quantity of boxes and size of box.  Don't want to have to go back and do it again.

Here is the first book I made - simple, easy, and it holds a ton of ribbon.  Each page holds 7 - 12 ribbons (less if really wide trim)  It holds 2 -5 yards of ribbon per slot depending on the type of ribbon.  Each book holds 6 to 8 pages depending on how much ribbon is put on per slot (bulk).  On average it is about 70/80 ribbons at 3 yards a piece.  That is 210 - 240 yards of ribbon per book! 

I have been doing all my organizational items kind of in the same and white diamond paper from the Graphic 45 OCS paper with the orange butterfuly.  I added metal corners because I thought that the books would have a lot of use and that would help them hold up to more abuse.

On the spine I added a TH Book plate so that I can mark the color of the ribbon(s) for easy reference.

 On the inside - it is hard to tell, but I did not punch holes in the cards to fit on the binder rings.  I used metal clips as I didn't want the holes to wear out over time. 
 I measured and hand cut each of the notches for the ribbon to fit onto.  That is the LONGEST part of the whole process along with wrapping all the ribbons.  I am trying to think of a way to speed that process up.

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  1. Wow...what a great idea! Love your "ribbon books" Kelley! What kind of metal clips did you use on the pages?