Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gumball Machines

I have been wanting to alter a gumball machine for quite some time.  Practicing on small ones seemed like a good idea before taking on a full-sized one.  I wanted to try out a variety of textures to see what I liked best.  I started off with these little plastic bubble gum machine favors.  They are just plain plastic, but the little handle does work and the candy comes out at the bottom.  Love these.  To start off, I primed the bubble gum machines with gesso.  This gave the base some tooth for the texture mediums and paint to stick to.  Otherwise the paint would just slide and/or chip off and it wouldn't do well for the look I was going for.                  
 I have made 4 in total so far.  I used different texture mediums and paint to see what I liked best.  I did completely alter one to give as a gift.  The other three I decided to put metal embellies in and use as a functioning decoration on my desk until I knew who I was going to make them for.  Then I will customize each one for the recipient.  Until then, I will enjoy them.  I think they are cute as they are functional. 

These are the three that are on my desk.  The first one was painted with Artist's Loft Coarse Texture Gel.  It gives it a really nice coarse texture. The second one I used Texture Magic dimensional paint by Delta, but you can use modeling paste to achieve the same thicker texture.  On the third one I used Deco Art Traditions Texture Medium.  The one I used for a gift I used paint mixed with sand.  This gives you pretty much the exact same effect as the first one with the coarse texture gel.   I used different multi-layer painting techniques on each as well.

 Close up of Machine #1

Here are some close ups of the textures...... Here is machine #2

Machine #3

 Now here is the one that I embellished and made for a friend.  Only bummer part was that I didn't get the world's best pics of it.  I really need to take a photography class...  I did figure out my phone takes way better pictures than my camera....or at least I (pictures above with camera phone...these with the my camera).