Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 32

Wow...I did go a whole month of crafting.  Now if I could just do that with dieting. I would be in business.  So anyways, I did several partial projects...waiting for things to dry...these are not done, but in progress.  Hope to have finished pics tomorrow.  I have a few more things I am working on, but am waiting until I progress further to post.  The bottle caps are from my coke fixes at work, spray painted ballerina slipper pink and then pattern paper covered with Diamond glaze.  I am turning one into a book mark, one is a decoration for the cover of the mini album I am making for SS and the other is going into the goody bag for ss for decorations in pink and brown.  The butterflies will get some bling once they dray.  I made 20 something tags for Cindy for the dress form swap.  I worked on the the altered match box.  I made an ugly ribbon flower that is going in the trash.  They usually come out really cute.  I think it is all the ribbons fault. :)  I got quite a bit accomplished tonight.  I feel good.  Now I can go to bed.

When I dream tonight, I am going to think of what I could do if I won the lottery.  I could craft all day and not have to go to work.  Oh what sweet dreams.

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