Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 40

Exciting...wooo hooooo day 40.  How fun is that.  Actually I have been really having a good time at this.  I have had crafter's block for a really long time.  I have been joining quite a few swaps lately, some out of my comfort zone, but they have been great for my creativity.  I have been trying new things.  I have my love and passion back for the art of it all.  I also love the theraputic qualities it has over me.  I have a very stressful life, and this gives me a peace I desparately need.  I am also making new friends on the message board - hi everyone and of course my wonderful friends that I can create with personally. 

Tonight I spent more time on the mb rather than crafting - bad girl I know.  I received a gift card from josh for Michaels.  Wooot woot - I guess that doesn't count in my saving money and using stash because I am not spending my money - it's a gift right?  My logic sounds good anyway.  This challenge is yes more about saving money by using stash than spending, but it is more about getting more creative.  I am certainly doing that.  Granted not all pieces are works of art or come out as planned....(I have made my share of hideous creations) but i am having fun doing it.

I did my crafty thing by finishing off the rest of the dominoes I made last night by putting magnets on them.  I know - not much but it still counts.  I shall be more crafty later in the week.  Have a great day.  Kel

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