Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Link Up Party over at Unruly PaperArts

Hi everyone.  Hope you are having the most awesomest of days.  I actually have two ornaments for you today.  I am a craft supply lover.  I rarely meet a craft supply I don't like.  However, I do have a love hate relationship with glitter.  I love the effect, I hate the mess.  I am probably the messiest crafter there is anyway, but throw glitter into the mix and all heck breaks loose.  I usually end up with some on the floor then I track it all over the house.  I usually have some on me and some ended up in the car this time - lol.  Both ornaments today involve glitter.  However, I found a product that I now love that cuts out all the mess. YAY.

I was shopping for spray paint to paint my tree (yeppers - I painted it) and came across Krylon Glitter Blast Spray.  They had a beautiful blue patina almost color and decided to give it a whirl.  I tried it out on my chipboard ornaments and it was love a first sight. I sprayed two coats on each side letting dry for 1/2 between each coat.  It will bubble and seem uneven at first - but no worries as it will self level and the bubbles will disappear as it dries.  You end up with a perfect even glittered surface with NO mess.  I used a non-stick craft mat and sprayed outside.  The cleanup was easy.

They were so gorgeous on their own I just added a hanger, some twine, and a sentiment that I printed out from the computer and cut out with the TH mini tabs and tags die.  They look amazing on the tree in contrast to the darker color. In love with how it looks.

A note on the chipboard ornament. I made a set of 6 of these total.  They come in a pack of two - one small and one large from CreatliveEmbellishments.com.  They are so gorgeously detailed and hold up to anything you want to do to them.  She has a wide selection of steampunk items (insert drool here) as well as so many others.  She also carries veneers, stamps, and flair.  Her items are also reasonably priced which is nice on the pocket book.  I think I must keep her busy 24/7 with the amount of gears I always order - lol.

Bonus ornament:

I love jingle bells.  I had picked up a pack of nine for a dollar at the Dollar Tree.  They weren't very pretty though as they didn't have the bright silver finish most of them have.  So I coated them with modge podge, dipped in glitter, let dry, then sealed.  So cute on the tree now.

Unruly PaperArts has always been about inspiring and sharing the art of others, so we thought we'd give all our readers a little bit more inspiration this month and wanted to share the love, so came up with the idea of a 12 Days of Christmas Link Up Party.

From the 1st of December to the 12th of December we invite you to link up any of your newly created Christmas Projects (papercraft/mixed media only) and add a link to your blog post/photos etc here at the bottom of this post.


1. Get in the Christmas Spirit and link up any Christmas Themed Project you are working on and are posting to your blog throughout our event period (1st December - 12th December) to our Party Link. The Party Links will be listed here on the Events Page, 1st of December and on our blog on this Date also.

2. You must be a follower of this site.

3.  Leave a little love for others, by commenting on at least the blogs of the person listed in the link up before you and the two people behind you.

4. Come back each day if you like, you can link up a new project each day, but remember for each time you link up you have to leave 3 comments.

5. Display our Party Badge (shown below) on your blog and link back to this post each time you post your creation to your blog, galleries etc.


  1. Oh WOW! You must be the glitter queen! Love those Steampunk ornaments and the glitter spray is amazing! My glitter spray doesn't look anything like that. Beautiful bells, too. Having so much fun at the UPA party. xxD

  2. OMG - I feakin love the steampunk glitter ornaments...Steampunk + Glitter - I don't think it could get much better :) I so need to find that paint! TFS!

  3. ooooooo I love all the glitter, must have more hahahaha, so gorgeous! I totally agree with Donna and Roni, this is must have must do ASAP! Lovin' it! Must shop now!

  4. these are absolutely stunning and the glitter spray was obviously a genius discovery. loved finding you from the UPA 12 days of Christmas link up! xo

  5. Kelly these are sooooo pretty... I have never heard of the Krylon Glitter Spray, going to have to definitely look for that. And a messy crafter I am as well. My hands looks awful after I'm done, I never understand how some YOUTUBERS made their videos and stay so neat ! Steampunk is one of my fav's so I'm jumping over to Creative Embellishments right now to see if I might get me a little Christmas present or two.

  6. I would love to find me some glitter spray Kelly! Your ornaments are awesome! I belong to the OUT of Control Glitter Club too!

  7. Beautful ornaments, Kelley, and I love how your dollar store jingle bells turned out so beautifully. TFS