Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 48 Wednesday

Oh, I did not feel so good today.  I have not been getting much sleep as the neighbor has been on a different work schedule and he wakes me up everynight right around 3 am.  I would love to get a whole night sleep please.  It caught up with me and I left work early today and went home and took a nap.  I so needed a little shut eye. 

Tonight my friend stopped over with dinner - Subway - yum and we crafted for a little bit.  I finished decorating my cuts for the imagine swap on the Cricut MB.  I just have to print my whole sheets.  I need to figure that out first.  I cut the dress forms and tags using the TH dies for the Tag swap on the MB.  I am going to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as my famous person.  I just couldn't figure out how to make a meat dress that wouldn't stink after a few hours. :)

I hope to be done with those two swaps by the end of the week on Sunday. 

Have a great night.  Kel

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