Monday, August 22, 2011

DAY 68

So working on tags.  I had to make a few more of the cirucs tags.  I snipped the feathers - not thinking about the fan being on - oh man - what a sight to see.  Little pieces of feathers were flying every where.   This is not the first time would think I would get a clue especially when I have glue on my fingers.  I get so involved in a project that sometimes I don't even think beyond what I am doing right in the moment.  I do love being so engrossed in a project....for just  a brief moment nothing else matters....not a bad day....not deadlines...just the pure joy of creating something with your hands.

So I will be working on tags until Wednesday, mail on Thursday. Then I am doing a blog hop...not quite sure what that is yet, but I guess I will figure it out.  I need to have my post ready Thursday night.  Thursday night is my big study night so I will probably do that before and after the study session.  I think for crafty time on Thursday I am going to keep it small and add one more thing to each of my chunky charms.  I need one more Tim Holz item on each and I think I am going to put a small metal flower on each.  Then this weekend I would like to get the chunk charm dress form finished and my half made half bought swaps finished for my Halloween and Fall partners. Then onto vintage flowers and a mini album.

I need a vacation just to craft.  

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  1. What a funny "feather" story! Yes, I have had the fan problem before!! I hope you get everything done on Thursday!